Tall Tails #1: Awkward Lil At The Kennel

So I'm an ass and totally forgot about the link up being today since I'm still recovering from the wedding weekend. BUT here I am (thank god I napped earlier) with a story about Lil being awkward as shit.

The first time Tom and I went away and had to leave Lil behind was when we went to Dallas to visit friends and she was about 6 months old. L (because she's a saint or an idiot) offered to take her for the week. She was a douche (Lil not L) the whole week but she was tiny so it was kinda cute. The next time we had to kennel her for the weekend, we were at Tom's cousin's wedding. She was too big at that point and L was coming to the wedding with us so we took her to her first trip to the kennel.
While staying with L and the family dog. Obv Lil is a genius.
Her first trip to the kennel was hard on Tom and I. She bugs the shit out of us but we love her and we really do miss her when she isn't around. Dropping her off was hard but the kennel assured me that they would send an update email during the weekend that would include a picture. We got the email and I was SO excited to see/hear how she was doing. Unfortunately she is SUPER embarrassing and this was the picture they sent.
After that picture we realized she loved the kennel and that she probably had some mental issues we would eventually have to address.

The next time we had to kennel her was another trip to Boston. We weren't so upset because we knew she enjoyed herself (and got an A+ on her report card) the last time. I was definitely looking forward to the picture tho. It was not a disappointment.
What is even happpppening in this.
Th next time we got a picture from the kennel was when we went to NY to visit L & J (who are in Spain on their honeymoon right now and I already miss them so muchhhh) and we were pretty excited to see how embarrassing she would be. Turns out not so much embarassing but totally still awkward.
Great job having friends..
Then more recently we were down at Tom's family cottage and we left Lil at the kennel. It was Memorial Day weekend and there were too many dogs for her liking. She got super overwhelmed and wanted o-u-t. So, the handlers gave her some one-on-one time to play fetch. Great! Downside tho? It was raining and this is the picture we got.
Saddest puppy ever
Then this past weekend, since there happened to be a lot of dogs again, Lil had an individualized play time which was dominated by her favorite activity again- fetch.
So athletic right?
So that is a picture history of proof of the awkwardness our dog embodies. Also we plan on blowing he real weird ones up at some point and framing them. Cuz we're good parents. NOW LINK UP!

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  1. Lil killin it in the pic. i love her so much i feel like i know her.. which i guess i do.

    more importantly I will be reading everyone's posts about their pets because i wish i had one...

    a girls gotta dream

    hope you had an AWESOME time at the wedding! cant wait to see the pics.

  2. I love Lil'. She's hilarious. =))) that first picture is priceless. I wish she could tell us the story behind it.

  3. Hahahaha. Thank you for literally making me laugh out loud at my desk at 4 am, when no one should be laughing. Ohhhh Lil! First pic is the best

  4. haha "great job having friends". i love lil

  5. so cute! I love dog stories..I am such a dog person lol

  6. Lil is very cute! She looks like she is having a good time! We have never put our dogs in the kennel although I am sure they would love the big dog playdates. With 7 animals (3 dogs, 4 cats), I can't even imagine what the kennel bill would be for a week!! Thankfully, we have a neighbor kid who comes over and watches them! I don't know what we'd do otherwise!

  7. awww I love awkward little lil! I am super nervous about going to a kennel we have never used one yet, but i know eventually we will run out of friends to take fred, this post made me feel better, hopefully he will love it like she does!!

  8. Awe Lil. I have never taken Finn to the kennel because I have convinced myself he will have pound flashbacks!! :)

  9. Haha I love awkward Lil!! I don't leave Hawkeye... anywhere, ever, but it would be hilarious to see what photos they'd send of her!

  10. I love Lil's face in those pics! Got some crazy eyes goin on!

  11. Haha!! How cute!! My pup is definitely just as awkward... gotta love him.

  12. I must say, your writing always entertains me. Hahahaha. I love how you describe your dog as an awkward douche.

    She looks similar to my brother's dog, by the way. She's a German Shepherd mix and is awkward as shit. She doesn't really understand how to play... she just prances around.

  13. Hahaha oh my god, that second picture. AMAZING.

  14. Those pictures are too precious. I love reading about dogs. I can't wait to join this link up the next time and write about Winston.

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