Baby You're A Firework

I can't be the only one who named their post that.

Unfortunately Hartford sucks at life and cancelled their fireworks. They shoot them off from the CT river and it's too flooded to do it safely. DUMB. It's fine because I watched enough instagram videos of fireworks so I'm fufilled. Plus I saw amateur fireworks go off in Tom's parent's neighborhood.

I had to work Friday but I'm not counting that because I shouldn't have had to work. So here's a recap of Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday with a billion pictures.

Wednesday night:
We watched part of the John Adams mini series. Woo! Tom's a history buff so we had to. ALSO I cooked din!!!! And it was not only edible but yummy!! Then I got cranky so we watched Captian America while we ate and I made Tom compliment the din about 46 times.
I'm so fucking domestic. The pot kinda boiled over, it was fine tho.
Tom watched more of the John Adams mini series and I got ready. Then we headed to my parents house with a VERY patriotic Lil.

We played and drank and ate and nearly died from heat exhaustion.
We're adorable.
Bubba havin a drank and getting cray
Lil and Oscar
Nothing says America like ice cream cupcakes
Then we went to Tom's parents house and did more of that but there weren't any pictures from that. Sorry.

Friday night:
I made Tom go on the rooftop and have happy hour with me which was SO fun. And then we did nothing the whole night which was perfect.
Classy as fuck
Then we realized we left the lunchbox with our dinner left overs (of the din I made) at work. And since that's what I wanted to eat for din, I made Tom come back to work and get it with me. Lil came too.
I also made Tom take a picture
Then I had another drink after that. Also do you love the stirrer?! It's from Ruby Pop and I love Sarah and you should go order some STAT because she's awesome and everyone loves fun drink shit. (She also made the red pom pom stirrer in my earlier drink!)
Signature drink recipe coming Thursday!
I went for a 3.12 mile run with my dad and Lil. Worst idea ever. It was so fucking hot. plus my dad runs past me and runs back to meet me when I stop to walk and it's kinda embarrassing.

After I showered, we went vineyarding!! If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen most of it.
Honestly, I don't really get how to use instagram vid. Clearly.
And then, because I would have passed out, we went to lunch. The lobster roll I got was phenomenal but we were racing the clock to get to the last vineyard so I ate in and the fries and coleslaw in basically 4 seconds.

We went to 3 vineyards so I was a little tipsy drunk hammered. We then stopped by Tom's family cottage, hung out with fam for a bit then headed home.

We had a few friends over Saturday night for a little rooftop fun.
elevator selfies

We did basically nothing. Tom stayed in bed most of the day. I went to my parents for a half hour then came home cuz it was WAY too hot and Lil and I couldn't handle our lives.

I sent this to Sara but I'm sure you wanted to see it too. But I'm making it small so you can't see all the details of my grossness. 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!! And you're welcome for posting about nothing of value. I blame Sami for all the details I share that no one cares about.


  1. I think it looks like you had a great weekend!! wine tasting is always fun!! and Lil is very patriotic ;)

  2. Bummer about the lack of fireworks, but your patriotic dogs make up for it! So cute!

  3. We didn't get to have fireworks either! Sucks right! And Lil looks fabulous!! (And you and Tom too of course!!)

  4. Your weekend makes mine look like the loser who was picked last in dodgeball. Damnit. So jealous you guys have an actual rooftop to party on--sick!

  5. i'm so jealous of your weekend i want to cry.

  6. Your rooftop happy hour looks so cute! Your instagram vid cracks me up. It took me awhile to figure it out too lol

  7. omg lil is too much in that outfit! sounds like a good weekend :)

  8. I love that lil will wear a headband with sparkles! Every time I try to put them on my dogs they eat them. Fun haters. It looks like you had so much fun!

  9. Lil is so patriotic, I freaking love it. I do love those stirrers! OBVI you know how I feel about glitter :) I need a glitter stirrer for my bourbon. Stat.

  10. So when we finally get to meet up, don't mind that I might bring Lil back with me! SOOOO cute!

  11. I think you actually may be the only one who named their post this. Way to go. Boo for canceling fireworks. Yay for red, white and blue dogs.

  12. This post made me happy, mostly because of the cuss words, booze and smiles. Also, I will never NAHT call dinner "din" eva again. That's all, for now!

  13. I love that headband. I should probably find one of those for Lola to wear next year so I can embarrass her as much as I do Quincy.

  14. hahah love what you did to Lil for the 4th. you and your little family of 3 is too cute. stop it. it's gross ;)

  15. Umm those patriotic headband tassels are amazeballs!!

  16. This whole post (and weekend) just screams America. So perfect!

  17. Ice cream cupcakes??? SHUT. THE. F. UP. Why have I never heard of this amazingness?!

  18. I definitely want to go to the vineyards. Sounds so fun! And I made tortellini that boiled like that last night- I blame the pasta!