Sunshine, Beer and Friend Shenanigans

Sooo I guess I'll do weekend shenans since I was gonna do a tutorial but it's 11pm on Sunday and I'm full of brownies and dehydrated. Also I'm not editing this so.. yea.

Here was my weekend.. plus Wednesday and Thursday:
Tom and one of his best friends and I went to one of my favorite restaurants for a beer pairing with Harpoon Brewery. It was delish!

Tom and I went on a happy hour hop with Savannah and her husband and one of our girlfriends. Also delish, and SO much fun. As you can tell.

we had no plans but ended up meeting back up with Savannah and saying goodbye. p.s. if you haven't visited her yet, you should. You can see more of our ridic pictures over on her blog I'm sure 

Did you see the awesome DIY I posted? Basically glitter + wine = amazing. I FINALLY got to be out in the sun for more than 10 seconds. I obv brought my vino2go and enjoyed the rooftop terrace. Also can we ignore my ribs? They're abnormally large. 

Later on, Tom and I went with our friends to the Irish Festival where we got sufficiently hammered.
and if you saw my instagram, you saw that we went to the bar late night (in my pjs) and Tom had 2 sips of his beer and we went home. 

Lil and I went to my parents and had play time which tired her out for realsies

on the way home from play time, I stopped at McDonalds to get Tom hangover food. Andddd looked
like an ass because I was wearing work out clothes. Basically girlfriend of the year.

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  1. Bar in your PJs = win. If only it were acceptable to go everywhere in your pjs

  2. I would like to go everywhere in my pjs.

  3. i wish scoobs would tire out like lil

  4. I need a vino2go cup in my life.

  5. Ha, love all your PJ bar selfies! Missss you

  6. Loveeeee the Harpoon Brewery and Irish Festival! I haven't been in years, but definitely need to go back next summer. So many old drunk people hahaha :)

  7. I have a whole new level of love for you knowing you went to the bar in PJ's!

  8. If you weren't wearing a bra in the bar in your pjs, it just became 100 times better!

  9. Wow girlie you have some curly hair!

  10. i want to go to an irish festival!

  11. I want your hair! Way to kick this weekend's asszum

  12. I may or may not have been to a bar in Tahoe in footed PJ's with 5 of my friends matching..bars in PJ's = free drinks!

  13. Love trying new brewery's! and totally obsessing over your wine sippy ;)

  14. Tiring out a pup is for real the best thing ever. And jealy of your brewery fun!

  15. Once again I am so jealous of your rooftop terrace! Sounds like an amazing week/weekend was had!