Selfies, Fast Cars, Wine and Creepy Clerks

Monday. Ick.

You guys know I was excited about the weekend based on my post on Friday. And here's the rest of my weekend shenanigans:

I know, it's tiny. It's the only
picture there was!
I bought this Nanette Lepore dress on Rue La La. Then posted it on facebook and found out Tom's cousin bought the same one the day before. So we'll have to call each other so we aren't (OR ARE) both wearing it for the next family wedding. ALSO Pour La Victorie heels for $40 that were sold out. WHAT THE FUCK. The one day I'm like, "no, I'll be good and not online shop." Clearly I did it the next day anyway. Who was I trying to kid?

After work came happy hour with Tom and A then rooftop drinks at our apartment with another couple friends then party at Tom's cousin's apartment (across the street from our apartment!) which is MASSIVE and I want to move there. And his roomate showed me a vid that was taken the night of the wedding. Oops.
happy hour 
rooftop dranks
ALSO! Greatest part of the night? I harassed Sara because duh- I always do and since we're in love she lets me harass her.
Kissy selfies.
See what you missed Katie? That's what you get for being asleep.
Baby Jesus was smiling upon me and I woke up with NO HANGOVER!!! BDE. Then we got up and went to see my dad drive a race car!! Then Tom and I came home and watched Jason Statham movies for 5 hours.
DUH. what you wear to a nascar track.
So good at pictures
Getting ready to go!
We got up, got some BANGIN' peppermint mocha iced coffee and breakfast and then met up with Tom's cousin M and her bestie to go meet friends at a vineyard! After that, we stopped by a delish restaurant and had a snacky. Then went to our weekly din at Tom's parents house.
best iced coffee ever
Tom ruining pictures
and now everyone but M have fake smiles. Luckily it doesn't matter because they're all still cute.

And now for a story that guys (maybs girls too) probably don't want to hear but it is too ridic not to tell.

I had my Aunt Flo (it was really hard to decide what to refer to that as) visit while we were at the vineyard and didn't have anything on me. Neither did the other girls. So on the way to the restaurant, I stopped at a gas station. I went in, grabbed a box and went up to pay. This is the conversation I had with the 43ish, male, sketchy clerk:

clerk: having a bad week ey? ha ha!
me: haaa.. yea
clerk: on a weekend too!? that's too bad!
me: haa mm yes
clerk: that's why I'm glad I'm not a woman! I mean it's nature, but I'm glad I'm not a woman
me: ok. can I use your bathroom?
clerk: ok! right over there. don't get it too messy haha!
me: (thinking) WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING? / I don't think he understands how this all works
--I go into the bathroom and come out--
me: thank you
clerk: oh yes! hey- enjoy! ha ha!

Real. Life.

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  1. Let me get this straight. You were wearing spanx... With Aunt Flo in town?! You must be some kind of magician cause that's just downright impossible. Also bathroom selfie texts need to be a regular occurrence.

  2. Um...that clerk sounds a little creepy!

  3. you are a cute little thang! waking up to no hangover is a blessing from little baby jesus!

  4. also, that clerk creeps me out and I didnt even meet hiM!

  5. what an awesome weekend!! and lovin the nascar outfit- perfection.

  6. haha what a creepster!! And any weekend at a vineyard sounds good to me!

  7. i whined about being a sleepy looser but it accidentally posted on fridays post so now im gonna whine about that here. whineeeeee


  8. how flipping creepy is that!!

  9. I would have died if a clerk started discussing my "aunt flo"....awwwkkkward!

  10. i am dying over the aunt flo / clerk situation!!! so entertaining. ps. yay for beer named Brooklyn!!

  11. What a freak! (the cashier - not you!) I would have given him my best death stare, and perhaps dropped a wrapper on the floor on my way out...

  12. That clerk? NOT okay. But your NASCAR outfit is pretty great!

  13. Eek the gas guy sounds like a creeper. I hate when people comment on my purchases... especially at the grocery store when all I buy are cans of corn and brownie mix. Like it's weird or something..

  14. Oh my gosh - I don't know what I would have said to the clerk! WHHAAATT??!? haha!

  15. You're the only person I know that can make NASCAR adorable!

  16. Hahaha!!! What a weirdo that clerk is!!! Totally laughing out loud here!

  17. Ew. I'm straight up horrified at what that man said to you. Like, please sir, shut the fuck up. Thanks.

  18. Umm how are we not texty friends? And I want a rooftop party. That is all.

  19. I need that Born in the USA tank. Immediately!

    Enjoy your period! CREEPeR CLERK