What's In A {user} Name?

Everyone uses social media.

12 year olds do. 70 year olds try. There are careers and acedemic majors dedicated to it. As of 5/7/13 there are about 554,750,000 twitter users and about 135,000 new users sign up every day (source) That's bananas.

Check the popular page on instagram lately? Gauranteed there is at least one 14 year old with 80k followers that just took uploaded a picture of they're new kicks and it has at least 100k "likes."

So you're over there trying to grow your blog right? DUH! Social media! And that's where the anxiety over picking a user name starts.

Do I use my name? Do I use my blogs name? A combo? Do I think of something clever?


What if you already have some social media but the names don't all match up?

Please tell me I'm not the only one that went thru that when I was trying to figure out my social media's place in this world. I had so much trouble picking user names to begin with and then when Stephanie changed her usernames I was like ehhhh okkkk I guess I'll start thinking about it.

It took me hours days to decide and only after turning to Tom and wait for it.. social media I decided on DHAccessory. I got a a few votes for DHAblog but in the end DHAccessory won out! Thanks everyone for your input!!

And now for the tutorials!

**you can only do this on a computer**

Before you do this- let your followers know you will be changing your username! 

Click the gear on the menu bar on the top left of the screen and when the drop down menu pops up, click "Settings".

Change your username to what you want it to be. It has to be under 16 characters and one that isn't in use.

After you have changed it, scroll down and click save! Alert your followers again that you've changed your username!

Go to your profile in you instagram app and tap "Edit Profile"

Tap on your current user name and change it to what you'd like it to be

Click "Done" and then let people know you changed your username!

Log into Pinterest and click your name in the top left. A menu bar will drop down- select "Your Boards"

Click the little pencil in the corner of your profile section

A box will pop up and you can change your username there. When you're done, hit save!

Now- a lot of you have social media icons and bars at the end of your posts like this one:

I will have a tutorial on how to change those so they correspond to your correct/changed username on Monday!


  1. Good to know! My accounts have all been under my name, and I have been thinking about switching it to reflect my blog. I thought it would be too much of a headache, but you've made it look easy...easy peasy even!

  2. Yay for tutorials - so helpful when you want to stalk bloggers in other mediums than just their blog. My blog is named after all the existing usernames I had so thankfully I don't have to do the housework!

  3. Eek this is something I've thought about but never followed thru on! Do you have a separate 'personal' Twitter aside from EasyPeasyGlam? I don't, so I'm hesitant to change it to something IRL people will never find. #bloggerproblemz

    1. Hi Tami - I have all separate social media accounts for my blog. The great thing about Twitter and Facebook is I can use their phone app to log into either of my profiles. I wish Instagram were the same.

  4. This has been my debate for a few weeks. To change or to stay! Right now I am sticking with my name, but the change may need to come.

    Thanks for the tutorials!

  5. When I started blogging I set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for my blog. I wish I could also set up separate IG and Pinterest accounts and keep the personal away from the blog.

  6. I wish I would have done a Twitter just for my blog when I started it so it would be mixed with my personal Twitter...but it's far too late for that! lol

  7. I was so confused when I saw Instagram until I actually looked at the picture closely, Slow one over here!

  8. Love the usernames!!!! :)

  9. Yey for new usernames :) I changed mine when I started my blog so to protect myself from paparazzi I kid I kid.

  10. I have thought about this many times!! thanks for posting it! I want my twitter name to be eriniscool. haha

  11. i found you through katie's blog, so just stopping by to say hi!

    these tutorials are great. definitely going to be bookmarking them in case i decide to change my social media names!

  12. That for this! I want to change all of my social media names to the same thing but I can not find one that is not taken in at least one application!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. My shit is all over the place, and most days I don't care. I should probably change my pinterest and twitter. My IG is the same as my blog.

  14. ahhh i just did all these things the other week! i decided i didn't want my last name floating around the interwebs quite as much!

  15. Thanks for the "How To"! I may end up switching it up to be more for the 'ole blog...

  16. I love the how to! I think usernames are super hard to come up with. It drives me insane.

  17. This is going to sound REAL pathetic but, I miss my social media :( I felt forced to give up Twitter and IG because I had slash still have someone stalking me and it just made me miserable. Of course, I couldn't give up Pinterest, but now I just get harassed indirectly :( I wish I could get all these things back without any problems!