Mawwage Is What Bwings Us Togeva Twoday

So wedding weekend was FUCKING BANANAS. If you couldn't tell from my lack of posting for a week. DON'T WORRY! I'm here today to tell/show you about the whole thing! Also since I was in the wedding party and basically crying or having anxiety or peeing with excitement the whole morning I have limited pics. I did steal some from friends and family tho. 

Also you may not care about this post at all but I love pictures and I love weddings and I would totally read a post with pictures from a random persons wedding. Sooo here ya go.

Here's Thursday:
-Fireworks were cancelled (BOO.)
patriotic as shit

Here's Friday:
-Dropped off Lil
-Got ready (the only part I took pictures of)

"Helping" the bride to be
More helpfulness and harassment
OOTN. Recognize the dress?
Why we're all friends
at the chapel
Bride, Groom and friends

Here's Saturday (AKA WEDDING DAY)
-After party at the bar (aka drunk)
-After AFTER party at Tom's cousins (aka seeya at 5am)

How I had to prep my hair. Gorg right?
I look kindaaaaa creepy. But that's my makeup
girls hair!
Bride being pampered and beautiful
really tho, how good looking is this family?
pre- wedding dress toast!
Mother of the Bride and I (and Chambord)
Pretty Bride and her bridesmaids!
Photos, reception, limo and getting ready shots
awkward selfie. and awkward lighting. but that's my dress
Father of the Bride, walking her down the isle. (this is when the crying starts) 
First dance, be cuter
Good looking people duh.
delish food
Reception shots!
after AFTER party
dance moves
4:30am. Rough shape. Also recognize this dress?
You know, the one the 10 year old wore?
Here's Sunday
-Woke up drunk (didn't know that at the time)
-Borrowed Tom's car and went to my best friends apartment
-Came home
-Started my hangover
-Brunch at Tom's parents 
-Picked up Lil
-HP's house warming

and no pictures of me because I was hungover as balls all day. Here's one of Tom tho.

WOOO WEDDINGS! Who's next?!?!?!

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  1. I think the best & worst thing about wedding care is you get a lot of bobby pins... but also you have to take them all out. :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful wedding! :)

  3. You look pretty as a peach at the wedding! And also, clue me in on what we emailed about yesterday within this post. Please and thank you?

  4. hahah, wedding weekends are the best! Looks like a great time was had by all :)

  5. I totally love other people's random wedding pictures. Also, those red shoes are hot!

  6. haha this looks like a lot of fun! love the pictures :)

  7. You look great Miss Bridesmaid! Love it!

  8. Looks so fun! And I love your hair. Annnd I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses!

  9. I'm going to ignore all the cute wedding fun and comment on your red shoes in the first photo! Amazing!

  10. cute dresses overload!!! looks like the wedding was lovely. as most are.

  11. you and the bride look amazing! I love the bridesmaid dresses too, when does that ever happen??

  12. These pictures are awesome! And there are a lot more than I was thinking there would be. I love the rehearsal dinner dress you wore. So cute! Where is it from? Gotta love weddings!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!!

  13. Girl, I WISH I had your outlook on weddings. All my friends are getting engaged and/or married and all I am is bitter about how much money I have to spend on gifts. But love is great, or whatever.

  14. :) great pics - you really lucked out with the bridesmaids dress too- it's really beautiful and you could totally shorten it for the future as well

  15. I love the shit out of weddings. LOVE THEM. I'll be your plus one any time if Tom doesn't want to go. And looked awesome!!

  16. This looks awesomeeeeee.. Glad you guys had fun! Also, that bridesmaids dress is kind of fabulous!! Congratulations on having a bride that doesn't suck balls. Bahahah

  17. Ha ha, wedding is one of the best weekend! Looks like a great time, it looks like a lot of lovely pictures, you look at these great miss the maid of honor, I like the color of their bridesmaid dresses.

  18. This looks like such a fun weekend and wedding! Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again! :)