Glam Wine Bottle DIY

I actually posted this on my The Blog That Must Not Be Named.. aka my first one that I didn't like. But I figured I'd repost it here cuz why the fuck not?

My girlfriend had been having some boy issues and my biggest peice of advice was "just relaxxxxx!" It got to the point where she'd say something, then follow it up with, "I know, I know, 'relaxxxxx.'"

So I'm at the liquor store and I see a bottle of RELAX wine but in red. Red is kinda her color so I'm like YES. I was also going thru a "I could prob put glitter on this" phase and decided to do just that.

(excuse the horrible pictures. I was even more of a baby blogger then)

- jewels (I used the kind with adhesive already on the back)
- loose glitter (I used Recollections "Fine Glitter")
- Mod Podge
- one of those foam brush things
- spray sealant
- liquor/ wine/ beer bottle

1. use the foam brush to paint on a layer of Mod Podge (it dries clear)
2. sprinkle the glitter over the Mod Podge-d area
4. repeat step 1, 2 and 3 until it looks the way you want
5. add jewels!

6. spray the sealant according to directions **DO THIS OUTDOORS**

And now you have an present for someone that is functional and fucking awesome. Or you can keep it yourself.


  1. love this idea of glamming up the bottle-great gift!

  2. I just bought a wine bottle last night that I want to bedazzle! This is perfect!

  3. Wow, so cute! "I could prob put glitter on this was a phase for you, but for me it's a life motto. Definitely remembering this if I ever see a bottle cute enough to save :)

  4. You were already awesome, now you're awesome-er. love it.

  5. Uhm can you come be my friend and make me one? It's freaking adorable. My luck, I'd end up with a screwed up wine bottle and glitter all over my house.

  6. This is fucking awesome. If I tried to make it I think I might glue my hand to the bottle. But then that wouldn't be the worst thing

  7. Super awesome! I'm pretty sure I need to do this!