Tall Tails: By Nature Treat Review

**I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own**

So I know it's kinda cheating to do a sponsored post as a link up but these pictures of Lil are so cute and I'm really happy about the treats so I wanted to share it with all of you!

When By Nature contacted me about trying their products I was a little nervous. Lil wants to eat everything she can get to but her tummy is a bit pickier. We had finally found a food she liked and was good for her but we're still trying out different treats. I chose to try out the Mixed Berry Flavor Biscuits hoping for the best. Here's how it went:
receive mysterious package in the mail that smells yummy

have mom open package and sniff everything for about 3 minutes straight

check with mom to make sure you're allowed to eat them (not like it matters)
beg mom to give you some of the deliciousness inside the package

look like you totally deserve treats

do something that actually warrants you getting treats

make sure you get every last morsel

lick your chops

try really hard to look like you deserve another treat 

Lil loved the treats (if it wasn't obvious). The Mixed Berry flavor is an antioxidant formula which I figured would be great since Lil eats about 17 cigarettes a day off the sidewalk. She's been eating/using them for a few weeks now and (besides chicken) these are the only treats that can convince her that putting on her leash is worth it the first time she's asked. BIG DEAL. If you read this post you know it isn't normally very easy.

There is a decent amount of variety in flavors and on top of that they have organic, grain-free and 95% protein choices. And both dry and wet food options! Finding a brand of dog food you and your dog love is super important and you want a company you trust. I think Lil (and I) have found our go to treats!

They are sold in most pet stores and on Amazon.com. Plus they have a great frequent buyer program where if you buy 10 bags of dog food you get one free! Free is always good since you know you're gonna have to get the food anyway! So go read up more on them (I did!) and you'll see the reviews are all looking prettttty good! If you have any questions about the products or brand let me know and I would be happy to get you in contact with a representative!

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  1. Ahhh Lil is so cute! I am obnoxious and only buy grain free/all natural food for Moose (even though I will totally eat the most processed and disgusting food) so I love stuff like this... I used to be an obsessive furmomma and make all of his food but then I realized he was growing at too fast a rate for me to keep up... He was such a picky eater after I stopped cooking for him but he finally settled on Blue Buffalo which totally makes sense because it's super expensive and he is the most high maintenance dog ever!

  2. The cutest face of all time up in step #5 :):)

  3. Lil knows exactly what face to make to get that treat!

  4. the bang trick is amazing. i hate scoobs for not even knowing how to roll over.

  5. I love that Beef knows the bang trick too. It is a crowd pleaser. It also warrants a treat haha. Glad his tummy agreed with it!

  6. This post is so cute :)She performed PERFECTLY in step #5; how could you deny that sweet face some treats?!

  7. Lil totally deserves another treat!

  8. I adore that will Burgers is aware the particular beat strategy also. This can be a group pleaser. Additionally, it police warrants a goody haha. Pleased his or her belly contracted by it!