Tuesday On A Thursday

I'm just gonna tell you about my day Tuesday cuz enough stuff happened that I think is funny and/or fun that I wanna share. And this is my blog so I can do that.

side note: thank you to everyone who responded to yesterday's post. it makes me feel good knowing I'm not the only one worried! that said- I am NOT a person who puts stock in what other people think. I really want to be me more than be liked, but I feel like I have a responsibility to my readers and followers to not be a complete ass and upset them. I loveeee my readers and I do care what y'all think. the haters can shove it. if you're gonna hate, do it. I just want my readers to be happy :)

KGREAT. L&J get married on Saturday. That's 2 DAYS!! I'm dying. Like, I really have anxiety issues (obv talked about my bloggy ones yesterday) but my stomach has been bouncing around my torso all week. I have so much shit going on that I'm constantly wired/tense.

Another thing that makes me tense? Gynocologist appointments. Yesterday morning I had my annual and I waited AN HOUR in the exam room. The appointment itself took 4 minutes. I checked the clock. I tweeted about it (obv) and got responses from Alyssa, Katie and Allie which made me feel better.

REALLY THO. I have shit to do! I have to make up the time by not taking lunch the rest of the week. I couldn't make up the time after work Tuesday cuz I had a nail appointment. On the way there, I had my windows down and a FUCKING BEE came thru the window and hit my ear! It landed by the back window and I scooped it out so it was ok but it could have been BAD. The nail appointment went really well and I love my mani and so do 41 other people on instagram. I don't think I've ever had so many likes on one picture.
errrrbody loves my nailssssss
Here's the issue with manicures tho. I HATE the massage that you get while you're waiting for your shellac to set. I hate massages anyway. They do the opposite of relax me. I had ONE friend who I went to school with that was the ONLY person I wanted a massage from. Not even my boyfriends are allowed. I'm just a puss about it and everyone is too rough with me. Plus, because of the stress issues, I have about 3498 knots in my back. SO LAY OFF. I'm just a tense person and you poking me is NAHT helping. Plus now I have painful spots on my shoulders.

After the horrific experience of a harsh massage, I treated myself to Marshalls. I got a bunch of shit. Including but not limited to:
OBSESSED                                              child dress
And here are things I tried on but didn't buy but took pictures of:
broken top                        unflattering Kate Spade            REALLY pretty, too big                 pant-romper?
Hope you all enjoy my frizzy hair and awkward poses. Despite how I look, I had not been at the gym.

Also after Marshalls I went to the grocery store to pick up some din and there was a 10 year old girl in the black and white dress I just bought. Come onnnn. I tweeted about that too (again, obv) and Brooke, Candice and Erin all made me feel better again.
Then I came home and had mac & cheese and a hotdog and watched Sherlock (have you guys watched it yet?! It's SO GOOD). I also got these shoes in the mail that I plan on wearing to the rehearsal (depening on which dress I pick)
I also did some bloggy designing for my IRL friend  Savannah who now has an ADORABLE blog. Go look! I made her header and will be making all her other tings too!! Tell her/me what you think! I'm new at it, but I love it.

Back to the now. You guys really gotta stop living in the past and obsessing over the insignificant details of my life... (mm maybe I should post something that isn't just BLAHBLAHBLAH huh?)

Tonight Tom and I are joining his family and J's family at the Hartford Golf Club for their annual cook out and fireworks show! I'm super pumped about it. Then I have tomorrow off to get myself together for the rehearsal (I HATE SPELLING THAT WORD) at the church and dinner and gather my shit for Saturday!! GAHHHHHHH I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED!

p.s. Tomorrow Erin is guest posting and I'm sososososo obsessed with her post. So come back and read it. It's wonderful.

ALSO you have one more week to enter the Boozy Bloggers giveaway! SO DO IT. I got another package of goodies in the mail and everything is SO GREAT.

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  1. love those shoes and your blog is super cute!!

  2. I hate when I see people wearing the same clothes as me. Most of the time it's because they look better ;) but a 10 year old...nope. No way. Not happening. Mac and cheese and hotdogs. Yum. And I'd appreciate your giveaway to be over already. I neeeeeed to win it. I entered forever ago and spelled my name wrong a couple times. Hope I still win!

  3. omg your outfit is going to be adorable!!!!! i love that dress, so i guess i'm down with 10 year old fashion trends, too! :) and your nails are AWESOME! xo

  4. I really love 10-year-old dress. AND the 'broken top' one, go back and get it! cuuuuute

  5. omg im cracking up so bad. that massage is the WORST. i'm so, so tense during it and it hurts so bad. yet i never have enough balls to just say don't do it.

    just shallac my nails and let me gtfo

  6. I'm serious that you and I are going to run into each other and have one of those incredibly awkward "Do I know her?" "She looks familiar..." moments... I was just at HGC yesterday for a tourney! I hope it doesn't rain on you guys tonight :-\ I hear 1,300 people are signed up to go! ALSO, in love with that floral dress.

  7. I hate going to the doctor of any kind because of how long the wait always it. it is seriously outrageous how they schedule appointments. It should not take two+ hours to have your vagina inspected. I also love your nails and both dresses you picked :)

  8. I like the child dress. Maybe that biatch should dress her age!

  9. Ugh same effin thing happens to me at the gyno. But she also interviews me for a solid 20 minutes before the exam about the same shiz. You've known me for seven years - I haven't randomly taken up smoking so let's move this along. The whole thing is at least 2 hours and it's ridic. Also - I love the broken top dress. Get it.

  10. Super pretty mani!!! Love that purple.

  11. I ADORE both of the dresses you got.

  12. Okay I'm REALLY glad you bought that black and white dress. Because now I need it. xo

  13. really loving the nails.

    I love that black and white dress. super cute!

  14. that kate spade dress is a great mom dress however I do not think you are to that point yet ;)

    as for the hand massage .... THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART. that is literally one of the reasons why I go so often.. maybe its because my hands are constantly working (not in a dirty way haha... but in the sign language way!)

  15. i want to be triplets with you and the 10 year old that also has that dress.

  16. Absolutely lovin' the blue heels!!! Have a fantastic weekend! :)

  17. Aww hun didn't realize you were having such a lousy week! But your nails, shoes, and BOTH dresses are fab! And you're going to have a fantastic weekend!!

  18. what a busy Tuesday!! I had a ob-gyn appointment yesterday and amazingly it was like 20 min total-wait time, seeing the dr and everything. i was amazed!! Love those heels and the dresses!! There are items in my closet things I can no longer wear to work because one of my students wore it....that sucks!! although it would be funny to wear it the same day, like DJ Tanner in Full House