"Dogs Are Basically Bitchy Socialites" Says Erin

GUYS I'M SO PUMPED. I have a guest post for you that I'm obsessed with. Really tho. I'm also obsessed with the guest herself. I asked Erin to guest post for me because I will be doing pre wedding tings for L&J's wedding (rehearsal, dropping Lil at the kennel, etc.) and she could not have made me happier.

Hey you guys, I'm Erin and I blog over at The Party Girl's Guide. To be honest I have had a pretty big girl crush on Adriana ever since I saw the name of her blog. Anyone as obsessed with dogs as I am gets mega points in my book. When I started reading and realized she also swears like a sailor and loves wine, I knew we were a match made in heaven.

So you can imagine how excited I am to be guest posting for her today. I could go on and on about all the reasons I love Dog Hair is an Accessory, but you guys already know why it's fabulous, so instead I decided was going to do a fashion post to honor Adriana's former blog. Then I remembered I rarely even brush my hair so I had to scrap that idea.  In the end I decided to write about dogs because, well I am a crazy dog lady.

Ten Ways Dogs are just like Bitchy Socialites 
(this applies to male dogs too, not just the real bitches)

1.) When they get mad they get even

Fred (my dog) recently got pissed about something or another and decided to ruin my $400 RayBan glasses. Not sunglasses mind you, like the ones I need to see. It was pretty awesome. Almost all dogs decide to ruin something or pee on your floor from time to time. Just like an irate socialite will key your car, burn your house down, or write mean songs about you (I'm talking about you Taylor Swift).

2.) They need their beauty rest.

Both dogs and rich girls love them some sleep. Don't even try to wake Fred up before he is good and ready, he will growl at you. I used to watch Laguna Beach, those girls were the same way.

3.) The expect to be catered to.

Fred and Lil have lives like the friggen Kardashians. They have hairstylists, manicurists, chefs, and maids. It must be nice dogs, it must be nice.

4.) They eat their feelings.

Some days Fred just wants to eat everything in sight. Just like girls seem to go right to the ice cream when they get dumped.

5.) The are emotional.

Fred flips shit if he gets yelled at and does everything but write F-you on his knuckles when he gets in trouble.

6.) They nag.

When a dog wants you to throw their ball they will literally sit and bark in your face until you do it. The Real Housewives seem to be constantly nagging their husbands the same way.

7.) They can be super sneaky and manipulative.

Once again watch The Real Housewives, there is shadyness in every damn episode. Fred has his shady moments too, he will climb his ass up on our table from time to time and steal our things. He takes them to his room and lays with them. It is usually a hat or bra...

8.) They have lots of friends.

They might talk behind each other's backs, but they definitely have their posse. And they are always all up in each other's business.

9.) The love getting presents.

Really though, who doesn't? Dogs and socialites are pretty ungrateful however, so don't expect a genuine thank you.

10.) They love to cuddle.

All the damn time.

ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH HER YET? Honestly she's wonderful. and I <3 Fred. So go visit her.

Hope y'all have a great weekend- I hope I survive! I can't make any promises about having a post for Monday but I'll try. Til then, I leave you with for #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney and get your posts ready for our Tall Tails Link up on Tuesday!!

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  1. 100% in love with this post - it's all so true!!! #5.... YES!

  2. loooove! Now I must stalk her. If she doesn't like me, I can blame you.

    And going to go write my post now for Tuesday! Have a fab weekend!


  3. Love Erin and love you. And this amazing freaking song! One of my faves. Can't wait for the linkup tues!

  4. Hahaha I fucking love this post and the song choice. I may or may not have it on my IPod....

  5. "I used to watch Laguna Beach, those girls were the same way."

    hahahahah LOVE

  6. I love this! Going over to check out your blog now!

  7. My dog is a face humper (to other dogs, not me) who can we compare her to?

    [I think it's a dominance thing but still it's freaking hilarious/embarrassing but I still support it...sometimes a bitch just has to do some face humpin yo].

    1. the obvious answer is paris she flashes her vagaygay all the time and has a sex tape...you're dog will have reality tv offers any day now

  8. Hahaha so true! I wish I could have a pup in my apartment. I miss having a high maintenance companion!

  9. haha! Oh yes, Hawkeye is all of these!

  10. Olivia and Trixie are high maintenance in different ways. Like right now, Olivia is asleep on the other side of the couch but if I put any body part on that fucking cushion, it's on. And I'll lose all my toes. Fucking spoiled.

  11. LOVED this post! I have 3 big dogs and this is all so true. The sneakiness, the nagging, the catering...all of it!! I was laughing the whole way through! Definitely sharing!

  12. aw so cute and funny!! i'm a dog lover, but cat lover for now because my apartment complex only allows cats....but i could totally aply this to my cats as well :)
    have fun at the wedding!!

  13. I was laughing out loud at this post. LOVE IT.

    xx Kait | ChickadeeSays |ChickadeeSays Bloglovin