NY Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend Tom's parents took Tom and I to New York and we visited his sister, L and her fiance, J. Here's the thing, I know it's lame, but I am superrr esssausted (sound it out/ say it aloud. you'll hear it) and I just can'ttttt put up all the pictures and write an interesting post about this weekend. I'll say one thing- it was fucking fun. We had an incredible time staying with L and J (thanks guys! such great hosts!) and Tom's parents are amazing and I must say I'm lucky to be included in so many family activities because it's always a great time.

I'll give you guys a quick deal of what we did and I'll get more detailed when I'm not falling asleep but duh I gotta at least share a little for weekend shenanigans!

-Molly's Irish pub for lunch
-Hung out and happy hour at L&J's apartment
-Dinner with Tom's parents, L, J and Tom's cousins 
-Drinking heavily at L&J's 
-Bar drinking from 1am-4am
L and I. Did I mention I loveeee her?

-Slept in forever
-Walked around Madison Square Park
-Got Vienna sausage aka hang over food
-DSW (got a pair of shoes duh)
-Went to La Maison du Macaron (got 3)
-Nap and watched Ghost Rider 2
-Went to Tom's cousins for dinner
-Saw Jekyll and Hyde at the Marquis Theater (SO good!!)
-Early night

So pretty and SOO delish! If you live in NY you gotta go!

-J made breakfast
-Got a picture of Lil enjoying the kennel
-Went for a walk
-Had lunch at B & B
-Said goodbyes
-Slept on the way home
-Stopped by my family's house for my Dad's birthday
-Wrote this post
How CREEPY is Lil? Staring at other dogs having a moment. We hope the other dogs
owners didn't get this picture... plus it looks like she has 3 legs. A W K W A R D.
I added some pictures so don't get too cranky. 
Also-- did you see my #selfie on Sarah's post?! Check it out! She's awesome!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect and very fun weekend-love that you got pics of Lil while you were away too!

  2. I love that the kennel sent you a photo! Sounds like a great weekend. :)

  3. I would punch a bitch for a macaroon right now.
    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  4. i think my highlight would have been the Shwarma