Unwanted Emails and The Deal This Week

Have you ever gotten an email from your ex, like 2 years post "see ya never" and you're like ahhh noooo! What is happening? I mean I still follow your sisters on instagram.. is that what this is about? Then you open it and it's a virus and your like sick, not only did I have an axiety attack that it was an "I miss you and I'd like to talk" email, but now I can't even be that relieved that you didn't intentionally email me because now I may have a computer virus. No, never happened to you? Welp, sick way to start my week.

It's fine because I'm pumped about this week and have a lot going on!

1. Today (Monday) I was going to run a 5k to benefit victims of the Boston bombing. I randomly saw it on NBC.com and called and signed up! In order to participate you just had to call and commit to donating! I was going to actually run it but I realized I wouldn't have time (I gotta make sure things are set for tomorrow), so I went and dropped off my donation anyway and got this sweet shirt!
2. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be going with Tom's mom for my first bridesmaid dress fitting! I'm so excited because this dress is gorgeous (L has impeccable taste) and purple and I love it. It also has invisible pockets! So neccesary because I'm gonna ball my eyes out the whole time so I'll need tissues. And I am not a pretty cryer, see also: Kim Kardashian's cry face
Unfortunately I couldn't find a .gif
3. Wednesday will probably consist of laundry and cleaning up the apartment (it's at like fucking biohazard status at this point)
My side of the sink. Because we're all friends and you aren't judging me.
p.s. I spy a pinterest project that I'll post later! (prob next week)
4. Thursday I will be packingggggg for Nueva York! And it's the start of our weekend since we have Friday off because..

5. Tom's parents are incredible and for Christmas told L, J, Tom and I that they wanted to take us to see a show in NY. (dying right?) L and J live in Manhattan so Tom and I are staying with them for the weekend and their parents are staying near by. I love visiting NY (mostly because I love L and J) and I'm superrrr pumped to see Jekyll and Hyde (the play, duh). Tom's cousins who live in NY just got home from Machu Pichu (jealous? same) and they will be meeting up with us too!
One of the pictures of the shenanigans that happened
last time we visited. This is Tom with the cousins we're
meeting up with. See why I'm excited?
At her sister, E's bachelorette
One last thing before I sign off- a BIGGG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO M! (who you met here) Wish we could have celebrated with you! Can't wait to make some incredible memories at the next fam bachelorette! XOXO

Hopefully the week flys by! Lata yoooo

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  1. This WHOLE POST. I'm just in love.

    1) That has totally happened to me, as has "Ex has friended you on Google+, leaving you to wonder if they did it on purpose to stalk you, or it was one of those "import all your email contacts" things. Either way, STOP IT, I'M JUST UNCOMFORTABLE.

    2) Pockets are the BEST and people who cry and manage to stay pretty are terrible. It's just so unfair.

    3) My whole apartment is a biohazard. It's fine.

    4) JEALOUS you have Friday off and are going to NY. Trying to lock down plans to finally return -- it's been like a year, which is just crazy!

  2. Sigh. How many ways do I love this post? Those emails from exes are the WORST!!!

  3. I hate those ex's that just won't go away. I have one that revisits every 6 months and catches me off guard lol Good luck with all that. I think it is great that you signed up to run for Boston, I would if I was closer. Have a great day!

  4. You know im not a huge blog reader. Many times I've given a friend or an acquaintance a chance to WOW me with their literary genius, but somehow I'm also left disappointed.

    But then this little gem popped up on my newsfeed and you did help out with Brittany's big move this weekend, so I'm like "lets give this a shot."

    haha - i must say, im pretty impressed, and you're pretty amusing. Keep it up, you may even find this Ginger peeping through your next post.

    - Tom Delaney

  5. Invisible pockets in a dress? That's amazing!

    Sounds like you have a ton of good times ahead!

  6. My girls' dresses had pockets for my wedding. They were all so fucking excited.

    Holler for a run for Boston!

    My house is not biohazard status, but it needs a good pickup tonight.

  7. not only am I kinda obsessed with you.. I also follow my X's sister on instragram & twitter ... sometimes she still texts me.. did i mention he has a baby now?? Oh... and we broke up 3 years ago...bahaha my life.

    ps. I will have pockets in my wedding dress and my bridesmaid dress.. how freaking cutee girl

  8. Oh, dear. That has to be the most unflattering picture of Kim Kardashian that I've ever seen! That's probably what it looks like when I cry (except I wear a lot less makeup!
    Dresses, with pockets?! I'm jealous. Bridesmaid dresses were a little complicated here in France, because my all of my bridesmaids where coming in from different countries (France, America, New Caledonia, etc.). If they all had worn the same dress, shipping would have been a nightmare!

    The DIY Frenchie

  9. Hahaha. Today is a good ugly cry day. I too wanted to include an ugly crying gif in my post and had so much fun looking through the images that I shared a link to them on facebook...I ended up going with one of Abby from Dance Moms but I have to say there were a shit ton of Kim K and her ugly cry face!

    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  10. I want a purple dress with pockets!!!!

    Um, I totally randomly google my ex just to see what he is up to/where he is working. Is that weird? Maybe. Oh well.

  11. HAHAHAH i seriously make fun of Kim's cry face all the time. I promise I won't make fun of you though!

  12. you are too flipping funny, girl! So happy we found eachother today!

  13. pockets in dresses are my favorite thing! i pretty much won't buy a dress these days unless it has pockets!