Bachelorette Shanananaas 2

Here is the obviously much anticipated second bachelorette post! You can find the first one here.

I left off after Saturday's time at the beach. We all came back to the cottage and showered and got all pretty. Everyone looked very cute!
The cousins!
We headed out to din in Niantic, a restaurant called the Main Street Grille. It was delish.
After din we crossed the street to party with Niantic's finest at the Black Sheep. It was hilarious and so fun and there were a ton of creepers and a lot of drinks.
First shot of the night!
We forgot to bring the sash and veil M made which was a bummer BUT a few of the girls are fucking genius and walked down the street to CVS and got a pashmina and glitter glue and MADE ONE IN THE PARKING LOT. This is just one of the reasons I already love these girls!

her infamous face.
awkward smiles

We closed out the bar and headed back to the cottage. The combo of sun and booze pretty much exhuasted everyone so we all talked for a while and went to bed.

Sunday morning was a bit of a harder start. One of the bridemaids who wasn't feeling great and didn't come out with us to the bar got up and set up a breakfast spread for us!

We were all moving pretty slow but a bunch of the girls had to leave pretty early. L and two of the other girls headed to the beach while we cleaned up the cottage. It was quick work.

Then we were down to 5. We wanted to get lunch before the last 3 girls headed out on the train but before that, came the last Icing of the weekend.
Making sure she looked good for the ocassion.

such a champ
Then we headed to lunch which was fucking delicious. I got a clam strip roll. DYING. I want another one right meow. After lunch, M, L and I finished packing up and headed home.

Not before getting ice cream tho. We went back to the place we got lunch and tried ordering ice cream. By then we were all over tired, delusional and L was a little drunk.

We looked like assholes. And we could not stop laughing. I told L she looked like she just arrived in town after a trashy Vegas wedding.
We FINALLY got on the road, hit traffic, took a detour, and got home. We had din at L and Tom's parents house and recounted the weekend.

L had drunk dialed her mom and it turns out she just made shit up so we had to set things straight as straight as we could.

It was suchhhhh an incredible weekend and I was so happy to be a part of it! Everyone was awesome, and I geniunely liked everybody! (which doesn't happen often) Thank you all for being great guests, thank you to the MOH and M for being great hosts, thank you to L's parents and fam for letting us use the cottage for the weekend's festivities and mostly, thank you L for being SO FUCKING COOL. Love you all, can't wait for the wedding!!!


  1. Wow you look like you had a blast! Love the design of your blog. Following via Bloglovin!

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  2. Ooh this looks so fun! And can I say that I love your new design? It's about time lady!! It looks so great!! You should link this up for Wedding Wednsday on my blog! Just saying...shameless plug.

  3. Aww this looks like a fabulous time! I saw your first part and that you were in Stonington, right near my hometown :) Also, your blog design is AMAZING!!! I love all the color and sparkle.

  4. tragic and wonderful all at the same time. LOVE IT!

  5. Ahhh i love it all...esp. the ice cream hungover/drunk still. If you don't crave ice cream/a frosty/froyo when you're in the loopy mode, you're not human! amazeballs weekend lady.