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So after being at the beach for a bachelorette weekend, I relized I really gotta restock my summer shizzz. I mean I have some of the essentials but luckily I have my favy blogger and summer fun expert SARA to help guide me. And I coudn't keep it all to myself! SO here are the summer essentials.

(also I have now made a shopping list and will be purchasing everything I don't own that is on this list.)

Hello beautiful rays of sunshine that are the readers of my bloggy BFF's blog!  I'm Sara and I blog over at Sara in Texas!  Mostly about the shenannigans we get into, recipes I'm making, how much I love to drink wine, details from our wedding, and the like!

Today, I've crafted the ultimate summer 2013 essentials list for y'all!  We moved to Houston about a year ago, and now we have summer weather nine months of the year...but when I lived in the Midwest for the first 25 years of life, damn did I appreciate these summer months.

So after scouring the internet, I've come up with a definitive list of things you like, need to have to enjoy your summer!

Step One :: You need something to wear to the beach, pool, lake, or on the boat.  I know, I know, it's so hot out, and why can't we all just wear sheets wrapped around us and pass out drinking wine?  Because this is America, and here we wear party tanks, cover-ups and $200 swimsuits.

  • Suit from Victoria's Secret
  • Cover-up from Target  (Disclaimer :: There are so many cover-ups out there, but I prefer to buy inexpensive ones since they take a beating in the sun and near the water!)
  • Sweet jorts from Old Navy
  • Party tank from Skreened (There are so. many. shirts. I want to buy on this site.

Step Two :: You'll want to accessorize.  So choose how fancy you are from the grid below.  Going to a semi-classy party?  Get those leather sandals, Kate Spade bag and Panama hat out!  Going to get wasted right meow and start barking at strangers?  Flip flops, durable Land's End tote, and whichever hat covers your shame the best!

1.  Gap Metallic Gold Flip Flops
2.  Old Navy Embellished Sandals
3.  Gap Hot Pink Leather Sandals
4.  Gap Beach Tote
5.  Kate Spade Straw Tote
6.  Land's End Open Top Canvas Bag (I have this one--SO durable & perfect for pool or beach!)

All I can think of with these hats is yelling, "bring your straw hat!" like "bring your green hat!" in the movie Old School 

7.  J. Crew Panama Hat  (Have it. Love it. End of story.)
8.  Gap Floppy Hat
9.  J. Crew Summer Straw Hat (Again, a steal-only $34.50 for a cute & packable hat!!!!)

Step Three :: Bring something to lay on/dry off with.  No one likes having to give away one of their "good bath towels" because you couldn't bring one of these super adorable and affordable towels!

1.  Natural Turkish Towel on Etsy
2.  Pottery Barn Hermosa Beach Towel
3.  Shades Towel by Tommy Hilfiger
4.  Land's End Tile Beach Towel

Step Four :: This might very well be your most important step, drinking needs!

1.  A Vino2Go so you can drink by the pool all day and keep your wine chilled, safe from bugs, and look pretty damn classy while doing it.  Bonus: Pool/beach friendly because it's not glass.

Tip off:  We miiight be brewing up a giveaway for one of these bad boys! 

2.  A koozie.  Any koozie will do, but the more outrageous, the better. I mostly use this one from my bachelorette party:

My bridal party had top-notch, A+ drinking stuff for that night!

3.  Giant, awesome cooler for all your bevvies from Target
4.  Another drinking tank from Skreened

In addition to your drinking supplies, you'll obviously need some great summer drinking games, so in case you're fresh out of those, most perf Adriana wrote a guest post for me recently on the best summer drinking games out there! 

You can find her games, complete with full instructions HERE. We should basically make those into a card you could keep in your purse, like the safety instructions on a plane.

To summarize:

You unfortunately need to cover up a little even though it's hot.  Good news is you can look hawt doing so.

You also need some ridiculous accessories.  Like big hats & sparkly sandals. And totes to carry your 8 pairs of sunglasses, extra koozies, and

You definitely need a beach towel.  No one wants to lay on cement or sand.  And there are so many cute ones. I basically want them all.

And finally, if you want to have an actually fun summer, you should probably get your booze life together.  So get a cooler, a means to insulate your favorite drink, and naturally, a drinking tank to show your spirit for the season!

Have a great time, y'all!

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  1. Great post!! Gosh I truly need to invest in one of those travel glasses for wine!!! It would come in mighty handy! Thanks for linking up today:)

  2. Yes!! I need a good party tank, those are too funny. Tequila!

  3. so i did not realize how big of a thing koozies were until i went to my bf's hometown in Indiana. evidently I have been drinking my beer wrong all this time.

  4. Love this!! Thanks for linking up!!!