#piclove365 Link up

Dog Hair Is An Accessory
Welcome to the first link up for #piclove365! If you follow me on instagram or twitter you have seen the hashtag but here's the deal with it:
Candice from Just Stay Lovely, Kate from Another Clean Slate, LB from LB in Wonderland, Sarah from Limited Space Organizing and I have decided to do #piclove365. We are going to post a picture from every day over the next year. Check it out and make sure you see what those lovely ladies are up to as well! Let us know if you decide to join in the fun so we can follow along! And don't forget to add #piclove365 to your instagram uploads!
Here are my favorite pics I've uploaded since we started! Although it isn't up to date now, eventually you can go to my #piclove365 page. Hopefully I'll be more on top of this and update it soonsoonsoon.
Fortune Tom got when he was trying to decide to join his
cousins baseball team. It pushed him in the right direction!

From our 2 year anniversary. It was on Memorial Day.

So happy to help out and really excited to sport this tank.
(I haven't gotten it yet tho.. you'll know when I do!)

Having a VERY tough day and Tom shows up at
my cubicle with this. Could he get any cuter?

After another tough day HP and I got truffle fries and walked
down to the river front. Sometimes Hartford is pretty.
I started out REALLY sticking to it and when I was at the bachelorette party last weekend I started slacking. We're back up and running tho and we will do the link up on the first Monday or every month to share our favorites from the previous month.
Now if you've been participating, link up! If you haven't been participating start now!! It's fun and you're gonna be uploading instagram pictures anyway so why the fuck not. Just add the hashtag #piclove365!
Dog Hair Is An Accessory


  1. Love this idea so much!! And saw your comment on Sarah's blog about st germain, that was one of my Christmas presents this year, it's seriously the best thing ever!! And so happy I had your face on my blog on Saturday!!

  2. That picture of you and Thomas (is that his real name?) is literally perfect

  3. you and tom are too cute! and anyone who brings ben and jerrys is a keeper