How Do I Look?

Oh, is something different around here? I didn’t notice.


Laura, who I LOVELOVELOELOVE, designed my blog for me!!!

I’m dying. Are you dying? I love it. Do you love it?

It’s perf and she’s perf and YAY!

Ok lemme calm down. MMMM not happening. So let’s just get to it.

When I started this blog I was awed by everyone else’s custom designs but it seemed like everyone I met did their own designing. So I was like “oh I can TOTALLY do this! I’m good at computer shit.”

FALSE. I mean I’m getting better the longer I blog and the more friends I make (and the more tutorials Sarah posts) but I knew there were limits because I wasn’t gonna spend hours learning HTML. So I started looking at buying a premade or custom design. I wanted to brand myself as early on as I could but when I saw designs were anywhere from $3 for a custom button to $150 for a full custom design I was like what the fuckkkkkkkk. I’m not making any money on this thing (at least not yet) and I don’t have tons of disposable income (see: vet bills and rawhide bones) so I’m like, "dicks! I’m gonna have to figure it out myself!" THENNN I was like WAIT lemme try Etsy. Best. Decision. Ever. I found Laura’s shop (which changed names while I was working with her and totally confused me!) and it was like the sun broke thru the clouds!

Her prices are awesome and better yet- she’s an incredible designer! I had no real idea of what I wanted so I gave her a lot of VERYY general input and she put something together. She sent me the first version and seeing that helped me figure out some of what I did and didn’t want. Then there was another version. Still more to change and I knew a lot more specifics. I was probably SUCH a pain (sorryboutitLaura!) but she never got impatient or rude. She knows it’s YOUR blog and she wants YOU to be happy!

The third version she sent me was AMAAAZINNGGG! Very close to the final and a COMPLETE turnaround from the second. After a couple tweaks, here we are!

I was worried about getting the design from someone I didn’t know because I knew so little about blog design myself. But she was SO nice and understanding and worked with me on everything I wanted. The end result is a ballin’ (people still say that right?) design and a brand I’m SO happy to put out there!

If you guys are interested in a custom blog design or any other custom elements DEFINITELY check out her design shop, Sophie & Rory. She also has a bunch of amazing premade designs that you can make your own and they are all so cute! She also has her own blog called

Casey and Emily (who is giving away a custom design by Laura RIGHT NOW!) are daily reads of mine and both got their designs from Laura and not only are they happy but their designs are very different than mine. Jenn is also in the process of gettign hers and I know she's excited. No matter what you want Laura’s your girl! Go and say hi on her blog or check out her shop.


  1. It looks AMAZING! Now come on over and get yo bad self on my side bar with those hott buttons! (Translation: wanna swap?)

    Love, love, love it!

  2. OHH MY GODD i cant i cant... its beautiful!

  3. I'm like "dicks". Hahaha love you it looks great!

  4. LURVE THIS! yayayaya. ps. laughed out loud at the word dicks. anytime i can throw that in a sentence i do. #sueme

  5. You are so cute!! Gah! I forgot I changed my shop name whilst we were starting your design...whoops!!

  6. It looks so good! I've been looking at designers to help me with my design. I hadn't even thought about checking out Etsy!

  7. I love the new look. It's awesome!

  8. Omigod love it! Your post headers with date buttons are too cute!! Make sure you update your passionfruit with those awesome buttons!!

  9. Hey lady, omg I love the new look! So exciting to get a bloggy facelift, isn't it?

  10. love the new design. i got a new design last month and makes my blog look SO much better!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $50 shabby apple giveaway

  11. it looks incredible!!!!!!!!

  12. I love it!!!!! Nice new digs, Adriana!

  13. Love the new design - it totally reflects your personality and blog!