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So I guess I'm back to weekend shenanigan-ing! I wasn't on my shit for a few weeks there. But don't worry, per usual y'all missed nothing since I do nothing ever. 

This weekend I drank a little, ate a lot and got my hair did. 

Friday Tom and I went to happy hour which we never make it to. I had a glass of wine and some din but I'm a total lightweight and that got me kinddddda drunk. We were gonna meet up with 3 of our friends to see This Is The End. I had NO CLUE what it was about, who was in it, I had never even heard of it. So I decided, since the theater we were going to sells food and booze to enjoy during the movie, I would continue on the hot mess express and get a tiny bottle of moscato and a tiny bottle of champagne.

They were both HORRIBLE. I drank them anyway. And I loved the movie. But I was drunk. Tom said it was good and he was sober so I guess go see it. I won't spoil it but the very last scene literally made me freak out. In a good way. Audibly. (I'm that person in theaters) 
Saturday I went to get my hair highlighted with super amounts of blonde but the lady didn't do a fantastic job. In fact it wasn't a surprise if you saw this tweet

But here is me basically getting screwed. 
Then I picked up my grandmother and my great aunt and headed out to Ikea. Obv we had to stop and get lunch tho, so we went to Lenny & Joe's. YUM.
Not sure where to look?
We went to get some prizes for the giveaway and duh I came home with things to go in my cabinet. 
Pumped about these!! Also I spy Lil's tiny paw!
I then stayed up til 3am (wish I was exaggerating) figuring shit out on photoshop. It payed off tho and I finished some real great stuff that will be making a debut soon!

Sunday we spent most of the day watching Sherlock on Netflix. FUCKING WATCH IT. It's amazing. really tho. The episodes are an hour and a half each tho. Then around 2pm I decided I should see the light of day so I took Lil up to the rooftop terrace to drink.. tan.. read.
Notice the blonde? Ignore the awkward boob in the armpit fold.
Then after an hour we got too hot and went back in. 
Then it was time to head to Tom's parents house!
Then we went to Tom's parents where L was waiting with accessories for Lil!

Crazy dog.
And that was the weekend. Hope you enjoyed reading about it. I'm tired and cranky but it's a big week!!! L & J get married Saturday!!!!! I'm freakinnnn outtttttt. Also every sentence in this post is choppy. Sorry about it.

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  1. Girl you crack me up! I'm jealous of a movie theater that serves booze. That sounds exciting!!! You're hair doesn't look bad. I know how it feels to hate it though so I'm sorry!

  2. Found your blog via my blog twin steph :) love the idea of seeing that movie while drunk... It makes the most sense. ♥

  3. Love this post. I wish I could have drunk watched This is the End with you, it sounds like fun :)

  4. Oh yeah, that sounds like an awesome weekend! Is the theater with booze the new one across from the convention center? I heard something about it having pretty inexpensive movies? Not sure if that's true since all movies cost a fortune these days haha.

  5. I <3 you! And Lenny & Joe's is so delicious!

  6. I am the worst at laying out! I need to always be doing something so if I force myself outside for some Vitamin D, I'll be lucky to last an hour unless I'm exhausted and somehow fall asleep before overheating! Happy Monday, chick!

  7. Oo the pineapple cups are cute! And so is Lil's paw ;)

  8. i saw the movie sober.

    there were a lot of men's wee wee jokes.

    ... i laughed.

  9. Haha I love the shirt that is too cute! I too am enjoying my "Adult Sippy Cup" lol

  10. Haha sherlock on Netflix? Fine you convinced me. And they NEVER get my highlights right. Not ever.

  11. Movie theater that sells alcohol?! WTF why don't we have nay of that goodness over my way? I saw Bling Ring on Sunday - it was the perfect amount of vapid brainwave activity I needed.

  12. I think your hair and boob both look great!

  13. Yess! I saw This Is The End this weekend too...hilarious! Though would have been pretty awesome with a bit to drink as well!

  14. I love your rooftop photo kissing the cup! Those cups are the besssttt. :)

  15. Pretty sure my pups need a couple of those fantastic headbands....

    PS Awesome pineapple glasses!

  16. probably need that shirt in my life!

  17. LOVE the hair! and definitely showed Jake your instagram drinking in the movies pic this weekend and told him we're doing that very soon

  18. But like, I need that shirt immediately.