Bachelorette Shanananaas 1


That's how I feel when I think about consolidating this weekend into a post. So I'm gonna split it up and I'll try my best to be coherant.

One of the other bridesmaids, L's cousin M came with me down to the cottage on Thursday night. We spent our time grocery shopping, eating, crafting and decorating!

Lobster roll for lunch DUH


M making L's sash!

Decals on the fridge

Finished mantel!
How fucking adorable is she?
p.s. I'll be adding the tutorials for the wreath, and "Cheers Bitches" banner at some point

All of that was set for Friday when the bride to be arrived with another bridesmaid, and L's mom aka MOB. Since people were getting in from out of town, we had some time to kill. We picked up one more bridesmaid from the train station and headed to a vineyard. (seeing a pattern? vineyards are basically a weekly occurance for me in the summer)

We went to Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington CT. I love this vineyard and L had never been. It was SO fun! We did a tasting and looked at wedding albums of past weddings hosted there. (Don't worry Tom, I'm not making any plans) and then the MOB took us to lunch at this great little place called the Dog right on the water!


Having a blast but missing 2 bridesmaids!

with the MOB

L and M being gorg.

We went back to the cottage and AS SOON as we got back one of the bridesmaids realized she left her glasses at the vineyard. And not sunglasses. Like she's can't see anyyyything glasses. She felt really bad but that's such a Adriana move, I had no problem going back with her. We jammed out on the hour round trip drive. We also got lost about 50 times and reveresed a little on a highway. It's fine. If you follow me on Vine, you may have seen these but here they are again. Also I realize we think we're hilarious and cool. I will understand if you think we're idiotic and embarrassing.

 More girls came friday night including the rest of the bridal party and MOH. Obviously there was a ton of booze and instead of din we did an all night happy hour at the cottage. I made guac, the MOH made INCREDIBLE stuffed mushrooms, there were chips and salsa and a cheese ball and crackers. And then continued to booze into the night.

The next morning the darling bride to be got Iced over breakfast. She clearly enjoyed it.

Then we headed down the road to the beach. It was an INCREDIBLE day. Gorgeous blue sky, not a cloud to be seen and most of the time there was a breeze. I got a bit sunburnned but it wasn't too bad. I also got a mini lecutre from the L that I should have put on suncreen BUT I DID! I just should have applied it like every 10 min because the sun was so strong.
A few of the girls, and creeper status ERW

Bride and two of the pretty bridesmaids

ERW the MOH being the goof she is
There is a filter BUT STILL!

The rest of the weekend will come in tomorrow's post because I'm exhausted still. Woo.


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend!

  2. omg the videos are hilarious, love it!

  3. Oh the videos. hahaha

    Sounds fabulous, love the last shot, filter or not.

  4. Looks like so much fun. I love that you guys ice people too. One of the best pranks ever.

  5. The videos damn near gave me a seizure. My favorite part of cheers bitches is that you didn't cut out the inside of the B or R. I love you.

    A friend of mine got married last year and when her husband went to get the garter, she iced him. It was fucking fantastic.

  6. lobster roll, get in my mouth. it's sad there were so many good things in this post and that's still all i can think about!