The Time We Almost Made Our Dog A Twitter

As you can see with this new and fucking kick ass design there are a couple new pages up there. One of them is #lilproblems.
Can't fit in the front seat anymore. Mom needs a new car. #lilproblems
If you want to only read posts about Lil aka the absolute sketchiest dog ever, go there. Now, instead of calling the page "Stories About Lily" or "My Dog Is An Ass" I went with #lilproblems. If you follow me on instagrammy or twatter you've probably noticed that I've used that hashtag when posting about Lil. I'm here today to tell you how that all came about.
Auntie dresses me up like this and it's itchy. WHERE'S MY TREAT?! #lilproblems
I've mentioned a few times that before I was a cursing, ranting, crazy dog lady on this blog, I was a stuggling fashion blogger. It was a bad life choice. BUT I did try to do it right and so I made an instagram and twitter. I got into instagram right away but twitter I just coudn't get the hang of.
Why must mom make me pose with her drinks? WHERE'S MY TREAT?! #lilproblems
Now, only about 2 people I know IRL use twitter and I had literally 0 bloggy friends so it wasn't exactly a conversation. I was telling Tom about it and tried convincing him to get a twitter. He said something along the lines of "absolutely fucking not."
I'm too tinyyyy to beg! #lilproblems
After a few more conversations about it, Tom decided that if he was going to make a twitter it would be on behalf of Lil. If you guys have been reading for more the the last 8 lines, y'all know that Lil is shit balls cray. And has a unlimited life pass on the struggles bus. You guys know all those hashtags- #bloggerproblems, #winoproblems, #shortproblems (at least those are the ones I use..)  Honestly I loved the idea of her having a twitter run by Tom but it never turned into anything more than just adding #lilproblems to my posts.
I look like an idiot. Thanks mom. #lilproblems
The premise of Lil's twitter would be tweeting about her oh-so-tough life as our pup. For example, tweets would include:
I wanna sleep and dad won't leave me alone #lilproblems

I think mom and dad would be delicious, but if I ate them in their sleep I would miss them #lilproblems

Celery and lettuce are mean and taste worse than the rug #lilproblems

Mom's undies and dad's socks are SO FUN AND I WANT ALL OF THEM. #lilproblems

I'm so tired but they just keep throwing the ball. I can't NOT go get it! #lilproblems

I just wanna lick dad's face off and he won't let me. Jerk. #lilproblems

I thought it was so funny and Tom likes making me laugh and we both like putting words in Lil's mouth (as opposed to anything else she likes putting in there) and so the hashtag stuck. And that's that.

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Your welcome.


  1. oh man i love lil! I made fred (my pup) a facebook page and he has wayyyyyyyyy more followers than my blog. I never even tried to get people to like it, he just attracted a lot of crazy dog lovers. #erinproblems!

  2. Guilty. My dog has a twitter account. She's not very active, but Cesar Milan follows her, so I guess she's kind of a big deal. So embarrassing to admit :)

  3. I would love to make my dog her own twitter, but when I think about all that's on my twitter is stories about/discussing/pretending to be Lola anyways hahaha.

  4. I love this because I've been wanting to make Malcolm an IG account FOREVER!

  5. hahaaha this post is hilarious. i think dogs would have the BEST one-liners if they could just freaking speak English. i love that you're a fellow dog lady, we must band together! haha

  6. Hahaha...oh Lil. So....Leo totally has a Twitter account. I haven't tweeted anything from it in a really long time, but he has some followers!

  7. I would totally support following Lil's twatter account, but for now I will just have to enjoy #lilproblems. my life is so hard.

  8. I think Lil & Duke should date! ;) ya kno, in the spayed/neutered dog way

  9. I put words in Bella's mouth all the time. It's like we have convos together and I'm clearly convinced what I make up what she says is what she would really say if she could