Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review.
All opinions are my own.

I feel like I've made it as a blogger. I have a custom blog design, a passionfruit account and the final right of passage- a Vino2Go.

Since it was the second post I wrote, you probably didn't read about my wine disaster. So before reading further do that.

Now that you're back, you are well aware of how much of an idiot I am and how I like to spill wine everywhere like an asshole.
It happened again 2 weekends ago.
I wasn't using a Vino2Go
After my girlfriend heard about that story she sent me pictures of this AMAZING product. It was a wine glass that was PLASTIC and in TUMBLER form. God send? I think so. But we never actually got them. I had thought about that perfect product on and off but when they were all over blogland I was like SHIT I'm gonna totally have to get one. I entered every giveaway ever. Nope. Then I posted this drinking games guest post over on my BBFF's (bloggy best friend forever. Duh.) blog and a miracle happened. The Product Farm contacted me and basically was like "you seem like you're drunk often. wanna try our shit out?" and I was like HELLSYAMOFUKKA. That is a bit intense but I was SO excited!

So they sent me these products to try and share with you!!

When I got them I was pretty much dying. They were smaller than I thought. Honestly I don't know why I thought they'd be massive but I did. Whatev. So I washed the party pink Vino2Go and filled it up. Turns out I am just used to drinking out of tall wine glasses because this holds a shit ton healthy amount of wine. I was so pumped to try it and snapped on the top and took a swig. Not the best idea. My first sip went everywhere. I tried again and it went fine. I don't know what my deal is with wine but it's definitely me, not the product.

I then drank the whole glass. IT WAS AWESOME. I tried to take pics with Lil. She doesn't like selfies.
I decided to use my Vino2Go XL the next night. It fit basically a half a regular sized bottle of wine. (hammered) It's such a fun product and SO perfect for summer. Act like you couldn't put a mix drink in there. Tom likes to make fun of me because sometimes I stuggle with it. He sorta had to teach me to use it. I don't drink coffee ok? Thats how he picked up the skill.

And now I don't blog without it! Really tho. I drink wine whenever I'm blogging at home and since you've read about "the incident" you know it's a risky move. But duh, it's necessary. SO this is the perfect way to get a little tipsy without actually tipping anything over! (See what I did there?)

I'm definitely more of a wine drinker but when Tom gets home from work he cracks open a beer. He asked me to grab him one and without asking, I put it in the Brew2Go. He didn't have problems drinking from it. He also pointed out that it would be useful when we have Lil at BBQs we don't have to worry about her knocking over 40 cans of beer with her weapon of a tail.
Don't think this is just for guys tho! I'm planning on bringing it to my girlfriend's this weekend to sunbathe and girl talk. Although I may have to bring a Vino2Go too so she doesn't get jealous.

I have 3 of these awesome little guys to give away but instead of just giving those away, I've teamed up with Sara and 8 other amazing bloggers to put together an INCREDIBLE giveaway that will have 3 winners and has a total of 25 different products!! It's going live at MIDNIGHT! So come back since you WILL NOT wanna miss it!

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  1. ZO. MY. GAH. I NEED one. Spilling wine on the reg over here.

  2. I love you and this post is amazing. Hilarious! So make sure I won you're giveaway k! K!

  3. oh my gosh! Look at you go girlfriend!! So awesome! Wine and blogging kind of go together.. haha

    tomorrow is going to be awesomeeeee

  4. I WANT! share share share! The things I would do for a glass of wine right now instead of my office coffee.. BLEH.

  5. I spill beer/wine like it's my job. I need one.

  6. I've seen more of these damn cups than I have my own face lately I swear. Why I don't have one by now is beyond me.

  7. Hahaha I love it! I'm glad it can help you not spill :)

  8. Oh how I love me some wine -- although Im going on day four of no wine (I don't know whether to high-five myself or smack myself in the forehead).

  9. I am so jealous you got to review this product. I need one!

  10. haha yay for getting a Lil proof cup!

  11. Is it midnight yet? Cause I so need one of these! Seriously I can't walk and talk much less sit and drink wine without someone or something getting hurt.

  12. I need to get me one of these! Everyone has one!!