I have a thing for baseball players. Every single boy I've dated played baseball. EVERY SINGLE GUY I HAD A CRUSH ON PLAYED BASEBALL. Not joking.
(Except for my most recent ex. He played hockey. It was a bad life choice.)

Tom played baseball from the time he could waddle to first base up until he graduated high school. He decided he didn't wanna play in college but he definitely could have. He was pretty fucking good at it. It runs in the family. His dad was dirty, his grandfather was incredible. Uncles, cousins- basically anyone in the family who happened to be a dude played ball for some extended period of time.
fucking cute right?
Unfortunatly for me, he hasn't hasn't played since we've met. We did play a season of co-ed softball with the team from our company but that was just absolutely ridiculous. (Let's put it this way, I was one of the better people on the team) I still loved watching him play. A guy making a double play and throwing the ball to first while in the air is probably the hottest thing in the entire world.

**starts daydreaming**

OK back to the present! Tom and I went with a friend to a restaurant by our apartment on Monday. We were there for about a second when Tom's cousin shows up out of nowhere and comes over and sits down to hang out with us for a bit. He mentions he's coaching/managing a twilight team. (Twilight is a league for people who are too old to play in other organized leagues. It's usually kids out of college up to their late 20's) Tom does the "Oh yea man, that sounds great." in a voice that suggests he's mildly into the idea. Meanwhile I'm literally dancing in my seat and smiling so big it hurts.

Yesterday was his first game. There are no organized practices or anything and Tom hadn't played since college but he was SUCH A STUD. I mean I guess I'm biased but he really was great. First of all he looks hot as shit in his baseball pants (I'm convinced God designed baseball pants) and since he's a genuiniely talented player he looked awesome catching a fly ball hit to right field and getting a really nice hit and making a run. NBD.

Our awkward little fam
If you can't tell by the picture it rained. Quite a good amount. We were all struggling.

Also Lil came to help cheer on Dad and she was pretty confused/distrought about the fact that she couldn't catch the ball every time it was hit or thrown. She also HATES rain and this was the longest she had been out in it. She cried a bunch. Poor Ting.
When we got home and warmed up (and showered) we went to eat. When we got home and checked the mail, I saw that my GroopDealz package came! You know those flower statement necklaces that so many people have and it's usually like a coral or red color? WELP I got a white one and it looks stupid on me. Upside? It looks great on Lil.
Unfortunately, Tom's team lost but it doesn't really matter too much to me since I win whenever Tom puts on the uniform. And because there isn't a song called "In Those Baseball Pants" Ginuwine's "In Those Jeans" will do to link up with Whitney

In Those Jeans by Ginuwine on Grooveshark


  1. The dog "collar" is beautiful! HA! Cracks me up.

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  3. I feel ya with the baseball players!!! They're seriously god's gift to the earth. my boyfriend has played baseball through high school, college and now he plays pro ball.he's ending his career to start med school. it's bitter sweet. i'm excited about the whole doctor thing, but VERY, VERY disappointed that those pants will be put in the closet for good....

  4. I'm so jealous!! I love watching sports- I tried to convince my boyfriend to play in a club team for rugby (he played in college) but he won't. Boo!

  5. baseball players are def the sexiest!

  6. ahhahaha "He played hockey. It was a bad life choice." Love it. That necklace does look pretty fab on Lil!

  7. i mean it's super easy to swap the word jeans with baseball pants. totally flows off the tongue.

  8. Haha my dog gets upset when he can't catch the ball too haha.
    I'm a sucker for athletes in general (except I learned my lesson with wrestlers lol)

    Stopping by from the blog hop :)

  9. What's this groopdealz you speak of? Lil looks fab in your necklace!