Bloggy Anxieties

So I'm guest posting for the always lovely Stephanie at Bourbon & Glitter. Go check it out. I made pretty graphics and it's a pretty funny post. Also Tila Tequila is involved.

As for my post today, Alyssa (who is one of my FAVORITE bloggers) posted about some bloggy worries she has and it got me thinking of mine. I am actually a super anxious person but I try SO VERY HARD to pretend I'm not. (usually where Tom's rational-ness comes in) Blogging is one of the best things I've fallen into but it's not like its all rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise..(haaaa tanks Adam Levine) really tho, it's not always easy. Worth it? Yes. But, no one said it would be easy, no one ever said it'd be this hard.. (HAHA cracking myself up.)

Ok enough creepy lyric references. Here is what I worry about:

1. Cursing
I wasn't sure if I was gonna curse on my blog. 90% of people don't and 99.7% don't say "fuck." In my first post (and in every other post I can think of) I write they way I think/speak. My biggest bloggy compliment from my IRL friends is that they can hear my voice as they read because it's so true to life. That's THE BEST thing to hear. (besides the fact that they're reading it in the first place) but until I read Shannon's blog, Gin and Bare It, I was like "oh shit, no one swears on here!" (Thanks for swearing with me Shan!) I still worry that it wasn't the right decision because it would take forev to go back and change every curse word now!

2. Not keeping my mouth shut
This is a problem in my real life but hasn't been yet in blogland. Tom will tell you- I have an opinion on everything. And I like sharing it. I won't push my opinions on you (even tho I'm always right- haa) but I love talking about things. If you have a difference of opinion, I wanna hear it so I assume you wanna hear mine. And not everyone does (weirddd) but I do get nervous I'm gonna say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get myself into a sticky situation.

3. Not speaking up
I fucking love discussions, but because of #2 I'm worried about opening my big and often opinionated mouth and ruining everything. There was a post by a blogger I really like a few days ago that I wanted to weigh in on but after typing out my novel of a comment, I looked at Tom and was like "I don't know if I should send this.." I have no problem disagreing with people (it happens often) and I don't care if you disagree with me. In fact I wanna hear your honest opinion, not one you think people wanna hear. But I don't wanna be the person that gets barrated with hate comments after that post. I'm not a "E.L.E." (everyone love everyone) type person, I think conflict is healthy, but sometimes I get anxious about sharing my peice and that bums me out.

4. Offending people
I've heard a lot about blog drama, specifically twit dramz and I'm NAHT tryna be a part of it. And I'm definitelyyyyy not tryna be in the middle of it! I worry sometimes that I will post something that someone else has done that I didn't tag. Not because I'm trying to be a dick and take an idea as my own but because I'm disorganized. I don't keep good notes on shit so if I don't credit you, I'm so sorry!! I swear it's because I'm an idiot not a bitch. It's not about followers, its about how the community would look at me and since that's the best part for me I'd hate that.

5. Losing real life time
I think/assume everyone has issues balancing blog stuff time and IRL stuff time. I get very worried that I'm gonna miss stuff because of it. I wanna blog. I love writing posts, making graphics, doing graphics for other people, writing guest posts, running giveaways, hosting link ups. I also love all the social media stuff and find myself constantly doing something that comes back to my blog. I'm not complaining, but it's tough to make sure I'm actually LIVING my life, not just blogging about it.

Are these things you guys get anxious about too?

I mean there are other fleeting "oh.. shit.." moments that I have about certain posts or tweets but the more my blog grows the more actual stuff I start to worry about!

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  1. Hope I did that link up right! Excited to meet some new peeps!

    I am a baby blogger but I am worried about everything you listed up there. And I decided yes to swearing because in real life I do swear like a sailor, and I want my blog to reflect how I actually think & talk. I just tone it down a little :)

  2. I am zoo glad you guest posted for Steph!! I love gin and tonics!! It's my new favorite drink and pretty much top 5 fave drink ever!!
    I don't swear in real life so I don't swear on my blog...let me clarify thou "shit" is not a swear'll see a lot of "crap" and "damn" on my blog...i also say "asshole" a lot in real life...but the one word I will only say if i'm really mad or driving in my car alone if the f word....basically i said it to my dad when i was young, got in major trouble and was told never to say that word ever again...parents were scary back then.
    I'm an "E.L.E" (to take your phrase) but I will also speak up when I absolutely have to...Steph and I have talked about how I may look sweet and am friendly, but if it comes down to it I will speak my mind and get to the ghetto-cray-level (my students taught me how) and defend whatever need defending.
    sorry for this novel i'm writing but so glad to have "met" you!!

  3. I love this post! I worry about some of this stuff, too. I didn't cuss on my blog until I started reading Shannon's either! haha

  4. I used to care what people thought of me. I have been cussing on my blogs for years. I lost a bunch of followers from time to time and I have been branded a negative nancy too.



  5. You fucking stole this fucking idea from me, your a beyotch and we're now in a Twitter feud. All your fears personified? Hahaaaa! Seriously though I get anxiety about all these same things. Especially since so many family members read my blog. I think you do a great job of writing in your own 'voice' and I too appreciate a few good curse words.

  6. I love your swearing. More people need to lighten up. An f bomb is so necessary sometimes (ok, often).

  7. i'll drop the f bomb in front of my mother so i can justify dropping it alllll dizzay on the blog.

    no srsly i love you.

  8. I totally wrote about something similar earlier this week! I didn't realize it was that deep to have a twitter war. First World Problems. But, you'll know you've made it when someone hates on you on twitter :)

  9. I have to say that I honestly laughed out loud when you tweeted to NE Bloggers that you curse in your blog. Hysterical. Seriously, I love when people write the way they talk!

  10. i wasn't sure if i wanted to swear on my blog when i started either in case anyone i know in real life was offended, then i was like fuck it, they all know i have a trash mouth

  11. I love this. =). Cussing is the way to go. It's really how I talk so I need to do it. Lmao. I think we all have insecurities and if we don't then were liars!

  12. DUDE!!!! i LOVE you!!!!!! i originally found u bc ur a new england blogger or whatever but seeing this and how you NATURALLY talk/write is exactly like me. lol go girl!

  13. That link up is PERFECT for my post today- glad I came across it! Also, I love your list- as a new blogger I was having the EXACT SAME anxieties! Thanks for making me feel better about it :)

  14. yes yes yes. this post all makes sense to met too! i am constantly worrying about crusing or saying the wrong thing... but I am starting to realize who cares!! its our blog, we have freedom to do whatever and our readers love us! (and cleary its working for us!) so no need to change who we really are. ya know?? but i think its normal for ANYONE to worry about being judged, its just something we all need to deal with for the rest of our lives! Whether its online, walking around in a mall, driving, anything!! but hey the best you can do if be yourself.. and we kinda rock at that.


  15. I'm not a huge curser IRL so I don't do it on my blog unless its where I usually would when telling a story to friends. I like that you blog the way you speak- it makes me feel like I know you even better :) I actually worry a lot about IRL folks judging me for my blog- I care WAY too much about what other people think (obviously).

  16. When I started my blog I had the same battle between cursing and not cursing! Then I just decided I was going to write the same way I talk and sometimes I curse, sometimes I use made-up curse words and sometimes I talk like I'm in a room full of toddlers. Since I made that decision I haven't stressed about it too much!

  17. Even tho I'm only like 2 weeks into blogging I totally have some of those fears. Well actually I think I have all of them now that I've read that haha (twitter wars...what the fuck?) I think my biggest one is posting about the same thing/idea that someone else has and not knowing about it. But I figure pretty much everything has been written about by now and I'm sure not going to write the sammeee exact thing someone else wrote because that's impossible!

  18. Girl, it's like you were reading my mind. I don't cuss much on mine, but that's because I don't cuss much in person either. It doesn't bug me when people do though. It's real, and I like that. But I am always worried about saying the wrong thing, or crossing some line somewhere. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me. I have a knack for offending people without realizing I'm doing it. It sucks.

  19. I'm not even sure how many times I say fuck in this post: but it's one of my highest page views ever. But yeah, I do all those things on your list, but I feel no anxiety at all. Lord I'm mean. Oh well.
    Except losing in real life time, because I don't. But I don't do as much as you. I don't make graphics, I rarely do guest posts, I don't do much on social media cause I suck at it. Basically I just type shit and hit publish. I'm fine with this system.

  20. ha I my post today I cussed for the first time. I figured shit can't be too offensive. I have blogger concerns too - especially being new. Like worrying that I am talking about my dog too much...nah that never happens :)

  21. Great post. I sometimes have the same anxieties, but lately I decided to say fuck it and post about what I want. Today, for instance, I got on my soap box about marriage equality. If that's not acceptable among "lifestyle" bloggers, then they aren't my target audience... I'd rather lost followers being me than gain followers by being someone I am not!

  22. Adriana, you rock. I love your honesty and if you cuss, we can still be friends. Haha:)

    This post is sweet because you wrote from the heart. I love it. The thing you have to remember about speaking your mind is that you can on your own blog. It's not the same as shoving your opinions in everyones face on twitter or facebook. It's different. This is your little space on teh internet to do whatever you want with :)

    ROCK IT!


  23. Thank you for changing the way i spell not. I can NAHT believe I have been missing out on that funness. I have tons of the same blogxieties but we are all in it together! its a learning sperience fo sha! I have a filthy mouth and don't notice it IRL but when I write it out, it makes me cringle so i usually just change a letter in it...kind of like no matter what vowel you put in to F-U-C-K it still sounds like the word, only with an accent...go on try it!! :)

  24. but for realz. i didn't know if it was ok to curse or not either. i try to lean towards not as much just because i know my grams and aunt were my only readers for like the first 3 months of my blog :)

  25. I am horrible at keeping my mouth shut. Maybe one day I'll learn....

  26. If it makes you feel any better, my cursing is OUT OF CONTROL on my Tumblr. I think that's the reason I don't want to delete it completely... I gotta have somewhere where I can say whatever I want.

    And I'm the SAME WAY about commenting on other people's blogs.. I don't care if anyone comes to my blog and disagrees/throws out a different opinion, but I know EVERYONE doesn't love that, so it makes me hesitant a lot. I don't want to be the annoying person that doesn't know how to shut up ever.

    And I never know how to keep my mouth shut ever, so I def feel you the most on #2

  27. I fucking swear all the fucking time. Sometimes, when I"m feeling very dainty, I use "M-F" instead of mother-fucking. So you could try that.

    Also, I have about 50 blog posts in which I've written about my thoughts on things like gender equality and abortion and guns and people using the F word (not the one I just used a lot), but they remain unpublished because I'm terrified of opening a can of worms that I can't handle. Also, I'm supposed to be "funny" so I constantly question if I should ever write about anything serious.

    Thanks for the opportunity to express these concerns. Also, again, pretty excited that we're internet friends now.

  28. I'm late to this party.

    I curse all the time in real life and on my blog. I can never host my own cooking show on Food Network because of my inability to remove curses from my speech. They just come out.

    I'm always clear about my belief in equality on my blog - for women, for gays - and I've also mentioned that I don't care for organized religion, which lost me some followers.

    In the end, I need to be me. And those things are all me.

    I don't give a fuck if anyone likes me, I never have, and I didn't start when I started my blog.