Announcing A Link Up!

Before I make my announcment, I want to say Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy I know- my darling boyfriend, Tom. He and I will be spending the day doing fun birthday tings! (We gotta make it a good one, it's his last year in his twenties whaaaa) 

most adorable birthday boy!
and now for the link up announcement!

Rachael's 21st birthday ended with her sleeping in a tiara... what was yours like? Did you have four loko? Did your boyfriend drink your margarita and then you had to drive him home? Did you throw up in an alley? Do you even remember it? We want to know! Grab a button and link up next Wednesday, October 9th with Adriana, Allie, Brittany, Juliette and Sami and share your stories!

Feelin' 21 Link Up

and before I go, there is a girl you need to meet! She has an etsy shop and a blog and I honestly love both. Her designs are gorgeous (my favorites are this necklace and this necklace) and she is definitely worth checking out!

1. When and why did you start blogging?
Well, Starletta Designs the blog was started initially in June 2012 and I think my final push to start a blog again (I had one previously, many years ago) was my mom passing away. It was at that point that I realized I wanted to remember every moment, every feeling and every major life event. What better way to do that then to write it all down and share it with the world? Now, after starting the blogging in 2012 we had some more tragic family news which prevented me from keeping up with it at all. So, I really don't consider my blog 'started' until June 2013 since that's when I really started taking it on and blogging on a consistant basis!
2. What is your favorite post you've written and why?
It's hard to choose, especially since I consider myself very new to the blogging world.. but if I had to pick it would be between:
Work Promotion, Poop and a Photoshoot - Just because I STILL giggle everytime I see that post title come up!
Been a while... -Because this post truly speaks to how I felt on losing both of my parents in 10 months. I've never written anything more, true or heartfelt.

3. Your shop, Starletta Designs is filled with such pretty jewelry! What got you started on this venture?
It goes all the way back to when I was a child sitting next to my mom at craft shows she was in - it definitely gave me that creative bug at a young age! I love keeping my hands busy and creating something unique that somebody out there will love. Creating jewelry is definitely one of my biggest passions in life and I love the fact that it gives me a creative outlet (much like blogging does)!

Meet My Favorite Texas to North East Transplant!


  1. Happy birthday to your man and in loving this link up idea, so cute!

  2. OMG that cake I just died a little. The max tattooed on my arm is doing a happy dance right now!

  3. hahahaha what a wonderful idea!!!! happy birthday, tom!

  4. A sooo excited about this linkup! And happy birthday to your boo :P

  5. Yaayy Tom and I are almost birthday twins (mine's today!) and I am sooo excited for this linkup... I was actually looking at 21st birthday photos, for my post today, a week or so ago!

  6. ah I hope Tom's birthday was the happiest! Also i'm soooo excited for this linkup! Luckily I have some photos where I'm not a total mess