Whas Happenin

Here's what's happening. Keep in mind I'm writing this on Monday. Not Tuesday. Aka not today. Written yesterday. Ok you got it.

I start my new position on Monday. Woo! Except as of right now I'm at an infant sized desk with massive wires behind me that if I roll into and unplug, will shut down operations on the floor. 


Tom and I went to NYC this weekend and it was amazing. We visited Tom's cousins and they were prob the best hosts ever. We ate so many yummies (including Shake Shack for the first time) and saw a Frightened Rabbit concert and got German drunk at Zum Shnider on Friday. Then watched the Sox game and did nothing all day Saturday.
Tom's liter of beer and someone else's pint. Tom finished his first.

On the way to the city, we were on the train looking out the window. There was a minor league baseball park and in the next parking lot there were about 6 elephants. FUCKING ELEPHANTS. Turns out the circus was in town but for fuck sake I was NOT expecting elephants. I screamed a little. 

During the concert the lead singer went up to the balcony and someone offered him a tequila shot. He took it like a champ, had the lime and threw the lime into the crowd. Guess what? IT HIT ME. Why is this my life?

Lily made friends at the kennel over the weekend which is BIG news. Her bestie is apparently a husky pitt mix named Chewy. She's in love with him. Also she hasn't had any reproductive organs since she was 6 weeks old so I applaud her attempt at puppy love. 
attempting to make more friends

I got a pumpkin spice latte for the first time ever yesterday. #itsucked. 

This is the text I got from my dad this morning.
Just taking every precaution. 

And I have a dentist appointment today.

Do you see why I didn't have a post ready for Monday morning?


  1. Aww Lil has a boyfriend! So cute! And your dad is awesome. Glad you had fun in NY!

  2. Ah, I love Frightened Rabbit! My husband and I try to go everytime they're over here performing.

  3. My daughters birthday is on the 25th of November too!

    I hope your new job went well yesterday!

  4. Ya not into the whole PSL movement. I tried one once and it was okay but I can't do it again. #ijustcant

  5. I don't like the PSL either. Caramel Mocha is where it's at.

  6. I don't think I will ever like PSL's. Oh sweet puppy love! Your Dad is too funny!

  7. hahaha i just died a little #itsucked... well i happen to love them. They are pretty damn delish. And that text from your dad! haha hilarious!

  8. Pumpkin flavored errthang annoys me to no end. Just can't jump on that bandwagon. Lily is livin' the dream! My boy is fixed, too...no bitch will ever be good enough for him and I didn't want him getting trapped.

  9. I probably would've freaked when I saw the elephants too lol

  10. amen on the PSLs - I totally prefer SCMs (salted caramel mochas) for liiiife.

    PS I think I almost peed when I read about the lime hitting you in the face. hahahaha

  11. Glad to know I'm not the only one who wants nothing to do with an PSL!

  12. God I love Shake Shack. Glad you had a good weekend. I'm sorry you had to go to the dentist.

  13. even if you did get hit with the lime how much did you love frightened rabbit?! gosh they are wonderful ... hopefully there was still a little tequila left on it ?