I Am SO An Expert!

Hope y'all like my drunken vlog yesterday. If not, you didn't tell me you didn't so thanks for that.

I don't know if you guys have heard about or seen the video clip of Martha Stewart bitching about bloggers. If you haven't, here it is. I wasn't a huge rant. And I'm not personally offended. Unless good ol' Marty reads my blog and well, then I am personally offended.

I read about it on babble where a blogger puts Martha back in her place. Lisette also posted about her take on it yesterday. And I have a lot of my own thoughts on it.

Mostly my reaction is just "relax bro, you're not the only person who can make pretty much anything out of a wood pallet and some paint." In fact, Casey did a very good job of doing just that.

yea that's a Belle
christmas sock and a
frolicking sheep sock.
Martha says we aren't "experts" and that's true to some extent but at the same time, I'm pretty sure I'm an expert at my own life. Well sometimes. But what I mean is, I'm posting about things I know. My blog isn't about rocket science, cuz I don't know anything about that shit. I even tried to do a fashion type blog and I hated it. Because *NEWS FLASH* I'm really not that fashionable.

But I am good at some things. And although I may not be a professional in those areas, I'm pretty sure sharing my insight isn't hurting anyone.

Exhibit A: I'm good at being a puppy mom. I'm NOT trained. I've never taken animal behavior classes. This is my first time owning and caring for a dog. I'm not always right about things that concern her and I'm sure as hell not a perfect dog mom, but I've shared my experiences with you because they might be helpful or at least entertaining.

My DIY posts never don't always come out like pictures from magazines but I hope they inspire people to get crafty since they're cheap and easy to do.

My recipe posts have all been from other sources. I'm not exactly a gourmet chef. But the things I share with you are things I like eating! And ones I think you'll like too. Plus- if I can make it and have it taste good then you definitely can.

Martha also mentions that bloggers get their ideas from "really good editors."

1. Just wondering, what the fuck is a "really good editor"?
2. Yes bloggers get their ideas from other people sometimes. But you can not tell me every idea you've had was a eureka moment that NO ONE had done before.
3. Bitch, you and Vogue are on 2 very different levels.

I agree that giving credit where credit is due doesn't always happen. And that sucks, because the person who did come up with an idea that was worth copying should get a pat on the back for being kickass. Martha, sorry to burst your bubble (I'm surprised that jail time didn't already do that) but you can't own creativity, so stop being a prick.

It just so happens I mentioned this pretty lady a moment ago, AND it just so happens she will be coming to visit me in just a month!! She was my first blate and it was definitely love at first comment before that. She's completely adorable and if you guys don't know her yet, GET ON IT.

Meet My Favorite Texas to North East Transplant!


  1. I hadn't heard about any of this until your post, and I definitely had to check out those links you shared. I think Martha is just upset that people are turning to other sources for projects and recipes. Of course we aren't experts, but we are REAL people.. and what most people want is to get advice from someone who is real, and who makes mistakes. I see absolutely no harm in that. And, I can also guarantee that not everything Martha has come up with has been 100% her own idea. Do you know how hard it is to come up with something completely original now days? It's just about impossible!

  2. lol she also went to jail so i feel like im an expert on not being a criminal ;)

  3. Wow I did not know about this.

    What I like about bloggers and most youtubers is that they are not experts and so their reviews is a lot more genuine.

    The same with crafting and cooking, it will probably be things that are a lot easier to afford and make.

  4. Martha seriously forgot her roots. It is a shame that jail didn't knock her off her high horse. Does she think here recipes are original? They came from a modification of another recipe already out there. She needs to get over herself!

  5. Ugh thank you! I was SO disapointed in Martha. I'm so glad that she thinks she has invented flower bouquets and flower cocktails. I guess I needed to put her trademark all over my wedding, my kitchen, and oh well eff, my foreheard. I guess she owns the world and we don't own any of our own thoughts. Keep doing your thing, you're awesome.

  6. ohhh people on their high horses... chill martha. and yes what is a good editor.
    also very excited to watch this drunk vlog. very excited.

  7. i mean i think i am professional ranter does that count?!

  8. Oh, I haven't seen the Martha thing but what ever. To each their own.

  9. I had grand plans of doing NOTHING this weekend. Then, I stumbled upon your blog. Now, I'm going to be spending it reading every. single. one. of your posts. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

    P.S. Martha Stewart is still alive? Huh.

  10. Oh, Martha. I mean sure, there are some things that should be left to experts (brain surgery? bomb diffusing?) but I think it's probably pretty okay if non-experts slap some glue and paint on things.

  11. Thank you for point #3. That was all I could think as I watched the interview - Really, Martha? Really? Comparing yourself to Vogue?