Parmesan Truffle Tots

I was gonna vlog like a boss but then I didn't get drunk. Plus I made a tasty treat for din and I just had to share it with you all. I give you, Parmesan Truffle Tots

-frozen tots

-dried parsley (a few pinches)

-shredded or grated parmesan cheese (grated is better)

-truffle oil

-cook tots according to directions on package (I used half the package)

-put tots in a bowl and add parsley

-drizzle truffle oil over tots and mix with a fork (it smells really strong but I ended up adding more truffle oil after I tasted one)

-put on a serving plate and add parmesan

-eat all the tots

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  1. omg YUMMMM! I am officially craving tater tots at 8am! get in my belly!

  2. Those sound so good! Now I need to go buy tots on my way home :) I love how your last instruction is to eat all of them :)

  3. Ummm that looks delicious AND easy...pretty sure I'll be making these in the near future!

  4. i just can't with the truffle oil.

  5. What is truffle oil?! I feel like I'm seeing it everywhere lately. I'm probably going to have to try it now because this NEEDS to be in my belly.


  6. I'm drooling. This looks like a fun and yummy snack. With that being said, I've never used Truffle Oil but I've seen it used in many cooking shows (the Food Network is on 24/7 in my home). I worry about using too much and about what brands to buy. You know how some brands of EVOO are better than others? Do you have any advice on this?

  7. GIMME DAT - but first... tell me, what is truffle oil?

  8. Ohh you fancy huh?! Haha!! Love it, looks yummy!

  9. OH. MY. These look like pure deliciousness!