I had a weekend worth blogging about! And by that I mean I did some crafty shit and took some pics and you're about to hear about it.
Tom made me leave work early because I wasn't feeling great and he said he would cancel out plans for the night if I didn't go home. So I went home and watched   I tried to watch Orange is the New Black but there was too much nudity and I didn't make it past the credits.

But then we went out to din with one of Tom's best friends and his awesome (and pregnant) wife. It was super fun and delish and I had a Huckleberry Vodka Lemoande. 

I went and hung out with my dad and did DIY stuff! Basically I spray painted everything gold. Including my new bar cart!!! That was $25 so NBD guys. It's not stocked yet BUT a post about it is coming tomorrow or Thursday. 

Then Tom and I went to the brewery across he street and watched the Sox win!

Tom and I got up early to go to Boston with his parents to meet up with his aunt and uncle and cousins. We went to one of his cousins apartment and it's freakin adorable. Also, she named their stove, Stoven. Clearly she's hilarious. After lunch, we went to see Tom's other incredibly talented cousin sing. She's amazing! I was so blown away. I think if I tired to sing anything she had, I would end up in the hospital. (Either from getting beat up or from my vocal chords going on strike.) Plus I love seeing the fam, duh. 
And that's the weekend. Also- don't forget to link up with us on Wednesday to talk about how your 21st birthday went. I can't wait to read all the stories. 

I want you to meet a lovely lady! She's already introduced me to great songs and entertained me for hours from reading her blog and browsing her shop. Go check her out!

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging a little over 3 months ago (Yup! I’m a newbie/baby blogger) because I needed somewhere to vent.  As a slightly confused adult and new small business owner I always have a lot of random thoughts in my head. I figured there was no way I could be the only one who has these thoughts so I decided to blog about it. Thankfully I’ve connected with a lot of great people with similar thoughts because I definitely thought I was a little cray-cray at one point.

2. What is your favorite post you've written and why?
My favorite post has to be this one about “MyExtreme Dive Of Faith” it talks about the day I decided to quit my job and work fully for myself (and the crazy lady that drove me to it).

3. You have a shop, Eclectic Star that has a bunch of great stuff! What's your favorite piece and why?
Ahh Thank You!! My favorite piece in my shop has to be the “Till Death” bracelet for the ladies. I just think it’s really bad ass and it’s a piece that can be worn when you’re dressed up or down.


  1. The 44 degrees north vodka is so good! Glad you're feeling better :)

  2. I can't wait to see your DIY post! Also, I'm in love with your snapchats. You seriously crack me up.

  3. I have like 3 of those 44 North glasses at my house from bartending. I thought they needed to come home with me!

  4. Starbucks has pink sleeves for October? Cute!!! ... how have I not been to Starbucks in October?!?!?!?

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend! And why is it that all drinks taste better out of mason jars? It's just a fact.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I want to see your DIY! :)


  7. leave us hanging on what the final DIY looks like would you.

  8. sounds like you had a BOSS weekend. not sure why i said boss but im going with it.

  9. Vodka and lemonade is pretty much my favy go to. Yum yum :)

  10. Two things:

    1. I'm the worst for having NOT sent you a picture of my comforter yet. God I'm the worst.

    2. BUCK UP ADRIANA and watch OITNB. Do it now. Watch it.

  11. Glad you are feeling better! Watching the Sox win is a bonus!

  12. The drink sounds amazing! Looks like you had a great weekend :)

  13. I can't wait to hear about your bar cart. As soon I as I have my own place I am getting/making one!

  14. 1. That vodka lemonade looks delish.
    2. Can't wait to see that bar cart! I haven't even seen it and I'm officially inspired to find a DIYable bar cart!
    3. I was slightly alarmed by the first episode (or two) of OITNB, but it does tame down and it actually has some much deeper storylines :)

  15. UMMM I need that drink like right now lol looks suuuper good