Pinterest Costume Inspirations

Ok so I'm a bittttt late to class today.

Can you guys believe it's already the end of October? And that means Halloween is fast approaching!

You guys have 9 days left to decide on your Halloween outfit. And if we're being realistic- you really only have 3 days tops since the weekend will probably hold some spooky festivities.

I have a pinterest board I'm forever adding to, of costume inspiration/ideas and I'm gonna share my favorite, last minute options with you today! I already have my costume and duh, it's a secret but these were all close seconds.

Bath Time
super easy! cotton balls, blue tutus and a blue tank. DONE

Sandy from Grease
you need leather leggings to be fashionable for fall anyway. just go for it

Deviled Egg
last minute costume? perfect. white tee, yellow fabric, devil horns. you win.

Han Solo
ummmm this is next years costume. I love this. and again super easy with stuff you 
have or stuff you thrift. #boss

how cute right? get a cheap dress and cover it in pretty tissue paper. also- no one has 
orange shoes like that but pink/blue would also work.

Crazy Cat Lady
I understand this is a baby. but how great! walk around in a robe and slippers all night?
extra points if you have real kittens.

Energizer Bunny
much better take on the regular "sexy bunny." pink tights, shorts and tank. 
I'm assuming the drum is cardboard and tape. you figure it out

doesn't have to be vickys. but this is a super easy, cheap and cute idea

Breakfast at Tiffany's
my best friend did it last year and it came out great. go Maclamore on it (thrift store, get it?)
I think these are cute. a ton of tulle, a tubetop and shorts and a white rope and BOOM.
it may get itchy tho.

Hope you guys get some fun ideas! And for more- check out my pinterest page!

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  1. Haha I did the loofa last year! It was fun! I love all of these. I have no plans but may just have to do one just for the hell of it

  2. YES thank you for this. i was feeling very uninspired

  3. Love these ideas! Now to find a costume party

  4. I love the Sandy idea!! Easy and you can wear it later as a normal outfit, candy cigs included lol

  5. The Pinata and the Hans Solo are my favorites! Very cute ideas.

  6. I'm all for the deviled egg, super easy and can be last minute if needed.

  7. LOVE these! I've never seen the piñata costume before, so cute and easy to make!

  8. be the crazy cat lady! be the crazy cat lady! be the crazy cat lady!

  9. I LOVE the VS bag costume. Seems super easy yet so creative! The boy-frand and I are going as a couple from American Gladiators this year... I feel I should change my name to Helga for the night of the costume party.

  10. Oh my gosh, these are so cute!! Love the bath pouf, haha!

  11. Super fun ideas! Pinterest always helps me feel creative!

  12. I 've always wanted to be a shower loofa!