Adult Day Dreams

What do you day dream about?

Cocktails, beaches, napping, unicorns?

Same. But I also day dream about boring adult things.

If you asked my 15 year old self what my 25 year old self would be day dreaming about, my 15 year old self would be like "oh prolly babies and shit." False 15 year old me. I'm not day dreaming of babies.

I AM day dreaming about.. automated grocery/cabinet system that you never have to go to the store to fill.
..coming home to Lily and having her miraculously be the most well behaved dog ever.
..having a job that gives me 2 months paid time off. apartment that is in our price range in the area we want it in.
..eating a whole bag of baby snickers and having them not affect my weight.
..buying a pair of Tory Burch boots and not being broke for months.
..having a car that doesn't make a rattling sound when I go over 45mph.
..having enough disposable income to get my nails done all the time.
..having unlimited sky miles to visit people.
..owning some sweet boutique shop that is profitable and fun.
..having a magic umbrella that appears when it starts raining and I forgot to bring an umbrella.
..photoshop being on my work computer. purchases not really counting as money spent.
..being prepared enough to have a nail clipper and file in my purse.
..not having a mom butt after sitting in an office chair for what will prob be 40 years.
..a lifetime supply of toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and detergent.

Kind of depressing right?

I'm gonna go back to day dreaming and I'll try harder to focus on the important stuff...
p.s. I had this exact graphic on a spiral notebook
at some point in my educational career. 5th grade maybe?

And now, if you want to do something more productive than just day dreaming, then go visit this fun lady! She's super cute and she makes me laugh. I basically have a crush on her.

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging I think my junior year of high school, and it was really only because I could. I had a MobileMe account through my Mac, and that allowed me to set up and run my own website. I used that until college when Mac got rid of the MobileMe platform. I'm actually really sad that I can't access that blog anymore, I put so much hard work into it! After that, I created this one right before my junior year of college. I wanted a place that I knew was going to stay online, and I've worked really hard to have this site reflect me as an individual.

2. What's your favorite post you've written and why?
I have two favorite posts. One is about the ice cream crawl that me and my family did this summer. That's one of my favorites because it was just such a fun night with my family and we had such a fun time documenting and judging all five ice cream stands that we went to! My other favorite post is the one I wrote about my summers working in minor league baseball. It really gets down to the heart of why I really want to work in sports and why baseball will always have a special place in my heart.

You just got your first "big girl" job (yay!) at a UMass Lowell and you're a recent college grad. What are you gonna miss most about actually being in college? 
Thank you!! I'm SO excited to start my new job, especially because it's in sports and also it's in my hometown! Over the last week I've been seeing so many "back to school" and "move in day" facebook statuses and tweets and it's driving me crazy! I know that this makes me sound a little insane, but I'm honestly going to miss going to class!! I went to Bridgewater State, where all of the classes were under 30 kids. That meant that each class was a learning experience that turned into thoughtful discussion between professors and students. I'm really going to miss having that kind of academic dialogue on a day-to-day basis! Obviously I'm also going to miss living around all my friends and having everything I need in life within walking distance as well. And the parties!

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  1. I am so with you on day dreaming about the Tory burch riding boots...why must they be so cute yet so unaffordable?! I hate you Tory!

  2. Ahhh I'm with you on all of these. Especially the regular manicures... I see girls who constantly have well groomed nails and I'm like HOW?!

  3. Unicorns. Unicorns.

    Some other dreams: free dental care, two pedicures per month fo' free, an endless supply of TP/tampons/laundry detergent, knee high boots that don't make me look like a schmoe, and a profitable work-from home job where I am the boss.

  4. I daydream about having a Roomba. It's going to happen soon, dammit.

  5. can i have all of these things too! especially the boots.

  6. I second you on the grocery store (we spend far too much on impulse buys every time we go) and manis. For like half a year, I got mine done once a week and it made me so happy but broke the bank.

  7. I don't go a day without day dreaming...keeps me sane.. sometimes I forget what I do all day at work it gets that bad..ha! ;)

  8. I have several of those daydreams as well....particularly the Tory Burch boots. Le sigh.