Oh, And Then I Lost My License, Check Card, Credit Card AND ID Holder.

Yesterday I blogged about how Lil swallowed a hunk of aluminum foil and then I had to force feed her hydrogen peroxide so she would vom (5 times).

So she's fine and all and that's great.

Today Tom and I went to look at an apartment. It was actually the best one we've seen so far. Plus we left work early to go see it. Which means we discussed the apartment over happy hour. Score.

It was pretty great. The apartment. Well, and happy hour.

Then I got upset because I was drunk Tom was mocking me by being rude and abrasive impatient and saying that's how I act. Then to make up for being mean, he suggested sushi. So duh, I got over it.

And then he let me know I was supposed to pay (worst date ever? I think so) except when I went to get my card out of my wallet it wasn't there.

background quickie: Tom bought me a Coach ID holder because I  a l w a y s  forgot my ID. So I keep my license and my check card in there. I haven't forgotten them (at least not for important shit) since.

The pocket in my wallet that I keep my ID holder in was empty. I had a mini meltdown but then Tom says "it's probably just at the apartment" and I'm like ok, I'll use my credit card (which I hate doing) but that's not there because for some IDIOTIC REASON I put that in my ID holder a week or so ago.

We get back to the apartment, I look everywhere.

Jean pockets
Other purses
Under all the furniture
In Lil's bag of toys
Bathroom and kitchen drawers
Garbage (which still had Lil's vom rags in it)

No dice. I checked the car. Nope. Tom checked the car too. Nope.

We go over the last thing I bought: hydrogen peroxide. I payed with cash but I was going to pay with my card so I had taken it out of my wallet. As I was paying, some punk kid stole something. I was worried about Lil, the cashier was worried about the douche bag thief so I got in the car and drove home.

Did I mention I have no clue where I stopped? I was on my way home from the cottage and pulled off a random exit. No idea what exit or what town.

Then a miracle happened. I had the receipt. I NEVER KEEP THE RECEIPT! But it had the number of the store! and I called! and they had my shit!

So Tom took me to go get it. The same guy was working, and he apologized. Not that it was his fault but I got my shit back. And it was GREAT.

Also not to be completely into myself but I think he was flirting with me that day and then I think he thought it was a little bit of fate cuz he wrote a little note that said he hoped my dog was feeling better and put it in my ID holder. Not that he wrote his number on it or anything but you know. He did sign it. Sorry bud- wrong place, wrong time, wrong girl.

Now I want you to meet a super sweet blogger! I've been reading her blog for months and I'm so glad I'm getting to know her better. Jordyn is a west coast princess barbie (pretty much) and she's definitely one of those people you want to be girlfriends with! (Plus she loves Harry Potter so we're besties)

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a New Year's resolution in January and sort of became obsessed after that. I am incredibly nostalgic and blogging helps me to document the magic and enchantment of everyday life. It's like a time capsule!

2. What's your favorite post you've written and why?
I have few posts I would definitely recommend reading if you're new to The Fairy Princess Diaries. The first is pretty much just an overview of who I am because I think it's important to know who you are reading about everyday, and I just pretty much love reading other "about me" posts.

The second is a story about the time I missed my flight to the Caribbean and ultimately met my boyfriend.

And the third is just about my best friend Taylor Swift and I. I just had to debunk all the rumors for her because they're just getting out of hand nowadays.

3. It sounds like you're always been a girly girl. Did you ever go through a Tomboy phase?
I've never had a Tomboy phase but I did have an emo phase and a hippie phase and an ultra preppy phase.. those were all pretty comical (you can read about them and see pictures here)

Meet My Bloggy Little! Go Check Her Out!


  1. Yikes, scary that you lost it but that is so great that you found it!!

  2. There is nothing more terrifying than losing your wallet/credit cards/ID (well except having a sick pup. That is definitely more terrifying). So glad Lil is feeling better and you found your stuff!

  3. I had the same feeling the other day of loosing my wallet with my whole life in it! It's a completely crappy feeling!

  4. Oh no :( I am glad that Lil is feeling better. Oh man I've lost my ID before too and freaked out realizing it wasn't anywhere I looked as well as my boyfriend. It was in the lost and found at baseball stadium that my boyfriend and I frequent a lot.

    I am glad everything was found!

  5. Omg I'm so glad you found your shit! Losing stuff is such a nightmare

  6. That has GOT to be the worst feeling ever... next to a dog eating tin foil :)

  7. So glad you found your stuff. I would've been freaking out too!!!!

  8. I love when people do nice things! I had lost an envelope with like $600 worth of gift cards in it a few weeks ago- it was for a work event and I freaked out. Thankfully someone had turned it in to the restaurant we had been at!

  9. So glad you got it back, what a harried chain of events.

    p.s. he was totally into you

  10. Okay I know this belongs on yesterday's post but one time my dog ate an entire set of massage oil (as in multiple bottles) and then I had to give her hydrogen peroxide and a bunch of salt to get her to...um...vom it up. It was the grossest thing in the world so I really feel for you. And loosing any sort of debit or credit card sends me into IMMEDIATE panic mode!

  11. Yikes, so glad this had a good outcome!

    I think the note in the wallet is cute, but I wonder what the purpose was if he didn't give you his number??? Did he expect you to come back and be like...hey, my dog is better, want to go out?

  12. sounds like we're having a similar week haha. at least we both got our stuff back :) [well, except for the stupid ticket i have to pay]