Doggy Time Occupiers

I love Lil. I mean, duh. But a lot of the time sometimes she is just in a mood to harass Tom and I, and we are in the mood to not be harassed.

I find when both of us are on the couch, which happens a lotttt, Lil takes that as a cue to start playing fetch. I'm usually blogging or designing, Toms usually watching TV (and he is not a multi tasker) and Lil drops the ball on the couch and starts whining. She makes horrific noises really.

When I'm busy while Tom's a pain in my butt we're busy and we can't constantly be throwing her ball for her there are issues. We've had a lot of trial and error with ways to entertain her that keep her quiet and occupied but here's what we've found works the best!

These aren't in any particular order, and I wasn't compensated in any way for this stuff. I just have found that they get the job done.

kong wobbler- it's tough like all the kong products so Lil can't beat the shit out of it. It dispenses her treats or her kibble so we sometimes feed her dinner using it.

peanut butter kong- layering peanut butter and kibble and treat and/or freezing wet food and treats in the kong and giving it to her to work on takes her quite some time. She gets super committed to it so it's something she won't be distracted from

rawhide- we get her the biggest/ longest bones we can find. She can go thru the whole thing in one sitting if we let her but we tend to break it up. This is one that we have to pay attention to tho- you can't leave her in a room alone since pieces can break off and she could choke.

starmark treat dispensing chew ball- this is another treat vehicle. It's another way to feed her if we want to do that, or we can put some treats in there. Lil can totally go nuts and chew and chase treats and we don't have to worry about throwing it. Until she's done. Then we have to throw it for her.

skunk with no stuffing- Lil loves this thing. And there is no stuffing so I don't have to worry about her basically covering the apartment in fluff. She shakes it around and sprints from room to room like a psychopath. And she loves it

doggy ice cream- this doesn't take her long to eat but it's a very good distraction. They are sold in most grocery stores and you can actually find homemade recipes to try out!

This will be the last week of Tall Tails for a while. It may be back, but for now, Tall Tails out.
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  1. I may need to try some of these. They a heavy chewers! Right now Kong is the only thing they DON'T tear apart!

  2. We have all of the above PLUS some... gotta keep those smart dogs occupied. Get a dumb dog, they don't care about anything but sleeping & laying down. :)

  3. I love the peanut butter kong, it can keep my dog entertained for hours. I had no idea you could get doggy ice cream. That is fantastic! I'll have to look for it next time I'm at the grocery store.

  4. My Minion also has a skunk with no stuffing, and it's pretty much the one toy she has continued to be obsessed with, no matter how much time passes. Her "skink." And she's a fan of the pb kong, too, and rawhide in any and every form.

  5. I need to try some of these. My dog is a little too good at getting the peanut butter out frozen or not. He is a little bugger and full of energy, but cute as a button.

  6. The Kongs are the best dog products by far, it entertains my pup for HOURS! :) Plus they are the only toys he can't destroy.

  7. Doggy ice cream?! How awesome! And we would have gotten no where without the amazing Kong.

  8. I was waiting for Colby Jack to get in the bigger range of the kong but that happened a month ago and I still haven't gotten it for him, oops. Soon, very soon. And sad to see your link up is going away for now

  9. Oh hiiiii I feel like I've been away from stalking your blog for so long! Sigh. Feels good to be back. I need that green dispenser thing! We spend about $20 a week on rawhides for Bo to chew and I'm over it

  10. THe kong and frosty paws has saved my life on many occasions.