I ♥ HP

In my life I have watched a bajillion different movies (I tried to make a rough calculation and I gave up completely) and I have gone to the theater so many times with so many different people that there aren't many movies that give me an experience I really remember.

Here's a serious exception to that: Harry Potter.

I heard about him from my best friend from in 5th grade. She had read the first book and loved it. She said it was a series and more books were coming out. I was all about princesses and fairies and unicorns but I wasn't into wizards.

I finally read the books after the third had just come out. I was more obsessed with those characters and that story line than Miley is with sticking out her tongue and waving it around in an inappropriate way. I tore thru each book in hours. I couldn't put them down.

I waited impatiently for the next books to come out. I remember getting the 4th book and being SO PUMPED it was so long. The bigger the better. Then books 5, 6, and finally 7 came out and a part of me died when I finished that last book. Because I knew it was over.

BUT they had started making movies. THANK DUMBLEDORE. I went to every midnight opening. I dragged 3 different boyfriends (at different times, relax) and countless friends to the movies but once those lights went down I was in it. I was hangin' out with Harry, Hermionie and Ron, I was learning magical shit, hating Malfoy, and finding Horcruxes. I loved every minute of those experiences.

And when the final movie came out, again, I was devestated. Even more so than after the last book. The franchise was over. The story had ended. And there I was, 22 years old, still waiting for my Hogwarts letter and I didn't know what to do.

I firmlyyy believe Harry Potter is the reason (and Tom's even mentioned it was) Tom and I are dating. (and I will eventually tell that story) and for months, Lily would only go to sleep if one of the movies was playing on the TV when we went to bed. I have Harry Potter Scene It, a Hogwarts pinterest board, and have re-read the books more than a couple times each.

Tom's family talks movies a lot and when they talk about an actor, they turn to me and go, "you know, Dolores Umbridge" and I'm like "ahhhh right!"

Harry Potter had grown up with me. He had "killed" Voldemort 8 times, and now I was left with nothing. Except for that stupid epilogue that I hated. My best friend's initials are HP so duh we extra obsessed over it.

But now, that heartache can be temporarily eased.

JK Rowling is teaming up with Warner Bros. again and they are making a new movie!

I tweeted about it and got the response I expected:

I mean HP won't be making an appearance but it's based on another book Rowling wrote (that I've obv read) called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It's a very fast read cuz it's in the form of a field guide rather than a novel which makes me interested in how they are going to make the movie. 

The Refinery29 article is here but you can google it and get a million hits about it already. I'm VERY excited to jump back into the wizarding world whenever it is this movie comes out. And you better be pumped about it too otherwise we aren't friends.

Ok, fine. We can still be friends but I'm gonna "petrificus totalus" the shit out of you. And if you like Twilight more than HP then we straight up can not be friends.

Nerdy enough for you? Also this is my favorite pin-

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  1. Annnnd now I love you more.

    We used to get shirts made for the midnight premieres for the movies.. I might have to dig out my Oliver Wood shirt.

  2. Oh my god another HP fan!! YAYAYAY! So when are we going to Wizarding World of HP @ Universal Orlando!? haha

  3. Yes, just yes. I love Harry Potter! Me and one of my good friends have HP marathons rather often :D

  4. I have never read the books, I know, kill me now. But I LOVE the movies. and I must say that I have gone to all the midnight showings and I have even made HP treats to sneek in with us(; One of these days I really need to just read the dang books.

  5. I LOVE HP too. Have for a LONG LONG time. I don't remember if I told that story on the blog or not. Anyways, I am curious how this movie will work. It's 70 years before HP and JK said that she didn't want anyone else writing it, that's why she is in on the project. So we will see. I don't see how it can be bad, though. She came up with HP in her car and it was all in her head. I mean, come on!

  6. I dressed up as Tonks for DH part 1 midnight premiere. and went to midnight releases for the last 3 books. OBSESSED. I may have cried yesterday.

    Clearly our owls were confused and got lost delivering our letters.

  7. I definitely read all the books and saw all the movies. My brother was actually the one who turned me on to them. And LOVE how you said "Thank Dumbledore." :)

  8. omg have you been to HP world in orlando?

  9. I've been on the HP train the whole way too... the funny thing, my step daughter started reading them at the age HP got his letter... & the last book came out when she graduated. I watched her grow up with HP... I just grew old with HP. But still doesn't discount it. Me & my 'old' friends were still at all the movie premieres. I still believe in magic myself :) So PUMPED to hear the news!!!

  10. I have to disagree with you on the epilogue. I thought it was brilliant!

  11. Yeessss to everything here! Still obsessed <3

  12. WHOOO HOOO! I heard about this yesterday and cannot wait! I'm so making this kid an HP nerd.

  13. I have been FREAKING out about this for the past 24 hours. I've been devastated since the premier of the last movie, and I finally feel okay again.

  14. it's so funny that you posted this. I just started the series. I've never read the books or seen the movies! I'm still on the first book, and have seen the first movie and the fourth? I recorded them all when abc family did a marathon, and for some reason they decided not to play the 2 and 3 movies? lol I'm really liking them so far!

  15. I am so obsessed with HP! I watch the movies all. the. time. and started reading the books in 6th grade and have read them over and over again since :) Love meeting other Happy Potter geeks :)

    Also, love your blog design! So cute...I agree, dog hair is totally an accessory! I have a golden named Huckleberry and a kitty named Herschel and their basically my babies. Well, until my baby does come in 5 months, but then they will still be my babies, too. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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  17. I hear there is going to be a book 8 which I'm way more excited about than a movie AND you should definitely plan a trip to Universal Studios and go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's like being in the books/movies for real!


  19. The new movie is going to be about the life of the author of that field guide, from what I read. At first when I heard there was a new HP movie I was like....oh lord..this is gonna suck...but when I heard how they were going to do it I got so excited! This is exactly how a spinoff should be done! Can't wait!