My First Blate!

This past weekend I had my first blate!!!

For those of you who haven't gone on a blate ever, it's something you HAVE to do! It's hard to find blogger friends in some areas but when you do, and you make a connection, set up a blate. If it goes anything like mine went, you will not regret it!

Casey from The Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure and I started commenting on each others post very early in both of our blogs. Then came tweeting, then texting and then came Casey's amazing idea to both do the Color Me Rad 5k in Albany together! So I joined Team Texas and made plans to head up to Albany to meet Casey and her husband and go run a 5k!

My friends asked about my plans on Saturday, and this is how almost every conversation went:

"What are you up to Saturday?"
"I'm gonna be an Albany for the day, I'm running a 5k."
"Why the hell are you driving to 2 hours to Albany to run 3 miles?"
"I'm running it with my girlfriend who lives up there"
"Who do you know that lives in Albany"
"Who the hell is Casey"
"I met her thru blogging"

and then the responses varied from "Well, you're not staying over are you? You never know who someone really is online" to "That's really cool.. right? It will be fun! Hope it goes well!"

I was pretty nervous. I mean, what if she doesn't like me? What if I'm super lame or do something super embarrassing? What if I run for 3 seconds and want to walk? I mean she DID just run a half marathon!

Thank god when I got to Albany I found out I wasn't being catfished- Casey was just as awesome as she seems!

On the way up, I got a snapchat from her letting me know I had a treat waiting for me!

Once I got there, I got all my sweet Color Me Rad gear, a mimosa and we headed to the fairgrounds it was being held at.

We ran the whole race and it went by so quickly! It was super fun and we got covered in color. Casey more so than me. The race ended in a little party and we got color packets to throw in the air and it was really fun!

We brushed off and headed home. We had quick shower clean ups and then headed out for din at the coolest restaurant/bar ever!! It's called City Beer Hall. Get it? Like City Hall but with beer!

And they have a deal where if you buy a pint of beer, they give you a ticket for a free personal pizza!! WHAT? Yes. It's true.

Also, I know y'all (they're from Texas so it's ok for me to say that in this post) know how much I love truffles, and they had truffle mac & cheese so DUH that's what I got. And it was delish!

Sadly, after din, I had to leave. It was getting dark and I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me. It was SO SAD to say goodbye but I'm so excited that we are IRL buddies and we've already made plans for her to visit Tom, Lil and I in CT! I can't wait! And until then we will just snapchat, text, tweet, email and comment like cray.

Thanks Casey for making my first blate ever such a fun one!! You guys all have to go see her on her blog and tell her I say hi!!

Meet My Favorite Texas to North East
Transplant And IRL Friend!


  1. Oooh, I love blates so much! New blogging friends and new experiences are both great things in my book :)

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome blate!! Blates are so fun :D

  3. yay! Fun! I'm hoping to have a blate of my with Meg! I've met some great girls who live close so I'd love to get to know them better in person!

  4. So glad you had fun!!! :) You owe me one though.

  5. Love it! I have made a number of internet friends turned IRL friends via my blog and it's wonderful. I'm actually going to meet another next weekend. Gotta love the world wide web.

  6. Wait, WHAT? Free pizza when you buy a beer? What an awesome deal!

    SO glad y'all got to meet up!

  7. yesss I totally had people thinking I was off the wall too. Glad it worked out and you got free pizza, holla holla!!

  8. Always so fun when you meet up & they're actually cool :)
    Note: Don't ever meet me - I'm not that cool :)

  9. HOW FUN!! I have yet to go on a blate but reading this made me super excited to do it!

  10. I've been on a few blates and they are always so fun! It's amazing how well you can already know a person through their writing!

  11. gross truffle. you know my thoughts on that. but in other news, glad you didn't get catfished and ran your whole race! double win

  12. I will fly you out here for a blate with me if you bring me munchkins! The way to my heart for sure

  13. Glad we both aren't CREEPERS! That would have been awkward sauce...can you imagine. Yikes!

  14. Blates are so fun!! Glad you guys had an awesome time!

  15. How fun! I've only been on one blate but it was truly a blast.