How Did You Get Here?

Some of you came from Sarah's blog (I'm guest posting there!) or maybe you came from Marquis' blog (guest posting there too!) or maybe from bloglovintwitter, instagram or facebook?

Is this me just promoting myself? No, I swear, there is a point to this.

As every blogger does, I check my stats daily and my favorite stat to check is my search terms. It's my favorite because that's how the randos get here. And I hope they stick around a while.

Here are my favorites..

scary squirrel and jumping scares squirrels:
That's because of this post. I fucking hate squirrels. I hope jumping does scare them. I'm gonna try it next time I see one.

"steps on his foot":
I'm not sure why this had to be quoted. I have no fucking clue how this person found my blog off of this search term. I even tried to google it. Nothing. And it's not like I have some hilarious story of someone stepping on some dude's foot. Kinda wish I did now tho.

Is this supposed to be "clams for dinner" because I'm confused about why this person used plus signs instead of spaces. Or were they actually trying to find a website that had clams plus furs plus dinna? And what does that equal? Either way, they most likely got sent to this recipe post.

im sneezing:
Did this person just need to let someone know? Were they concerned about the sneeze? I mean I appreciate you telling me but it's not that big of a deal. Now if it was something like "i cant stop sneezing" (note the grammatical errors for realism) then that would certainly be a real issue. They didn't get any help from me tho, I've only talked about my own issues with sneezing.

kim kardashian cry face wallpaper:
I did use her cry face pic in this post about ex boyfriend emails and weekend plans. The fact that someone would want that as their wallpaper kind of upsets me. There are better things to have as the background of your phone or computer. And much better things to put on your walls.

harry potter sneeze spell:
Is there one of those? I guess it's a combo of the sneeze post and the post I recently wrote about HP. If anyone finds out the actual spell, totally let me know.

dog freaks out at far away pedestrian:
I feel this persons pain. I wrote about my experience with that because Lil is a huge pain in the ass. I don't have any advice for you tho. At least the person knows they're not alone.

There were a few others that could have an honorable mention but they have to do with "ugly" or "embarrassing party pics" and more squirrel issues.

I know you've found yourself on a blog you've never been to before and you're all like, "shit, how did I even get here?" but then you're all "who cares cuz I love this chick and we're about to become best friends." Or you googled something and you're like "ohhh what's this person's blog about!?"

So really tho- how did you get here? Let me know!

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  1. i honestly don't remember but i really wish it was thru one of those search terms! either way, i'm here to stay.

  2. Boo! I wish I would have found you using search terms! Instead it was through Ms. Babbling Brookelyn!

  3. I have no idea, I think probably some seeing you on somebody else's blog and loving the name? My only searchterm is the name of my actual site, but I don't know anybody who knows I have my blogs so it always make me a little sketched out. Haha

  4. I think that I saw your button on someone's sidebar, and it was sparkly and caught my attention so I had to click on it :D

  5. I wish I knew the answer to your question... Have you done guest posts before? I feel like I saw you through Venus somehow... My answers are incredibly helpful, I know.

  6. Love these search term posts, they're always entertaining. I can't remember how I found you but it was probably on someones sidebar. After I started sponsoring I felt an obligation to check out other blog's sponsors because we all use our hard earned money to be there. haha

  7. Clams Fur Dinna. I can't stop giggling!! haha.

    Mine once had senor potato...why they didn't just type Mr. Potato, I will never know.

  8. Sidebar! And it was the blogs name that intrigued me because I'm pretty sure I was rolling my dogs furr off my dress pants around the same time I was reading!

  9. Hey, I follow both Simply Clark and Venus Trapped in Mars. Once I saw you were guest posting on both today, I figured I should come check out your blog. I must say, I am not sorry! This post was fantastic! I got a dog about a month ago and he is starting to take over my life so I have a feeling I am going to appreciate a lot of what you say on here. I am glad I found you!

  10. These are great. Someone found me searching "twerking Rubbermaid". then "danae ass twerk" apparently my page is all about the twerking.

  11. I love seeing other people's search terms they are always so Hillarious! Mine are always something like "fairy princess magical wildflower" or something gross like "teen girl short shorts" Or even stranger "what grandmas are made of"...So there's a wide variety.

  12. Oh my! This is hysterical! How do I find this out about my blog??!! Dying to know...

  13. Hmm I can't remember how I found you. But I knew it was love at first sight - because dog hair is MOST CERTAINLY an accessory!!

  14. I would lay off any mention of sneezing for a while! Except it is mentioned twice now, and again in this comment I'm leaving! Oopsies!

    SNEEEEZE. Sneeze sneeze sneeze!!!

  15. I saw you comment on someone else's blog post (can't remember who), and I noticed your user/blog name. It piqued my interest as I'm also a big dog lover. :)

  16. I found you on Marquis' blog and entered your giveaway! :)

    Exploring My Style

  17. I have also found the weirdest search terms for my blog.

    I found your blog through Venus Trapped in Mars!