I Gained 75lbs This Weekend

Finally I had a weekend worth linking up with Sami. If you're from New England (or live here now) you probably guessed I went to the Big E, and you, my friends, would be right If you're not from around here, it's basically a huge fucking fair.

I tweeted that I would be crafty and I was! I'm planning on a navy and gold accented bedroom (whenever the fuck we pick where we are going to live) And I want a collage wall so here's one of the pieces! It was a cardboard letter for $1.50 at Michaels and I just got glitter and navy paint and measured out stripes. Not bad I think! Also we planned on staying in but Tom's cousin who lives across the street invited us over and so we went, got hammered and came home and passed out.
Time to pack on the el bees. Not Spanish insects, but pounds. It was all glorious. I didn't have the Doughnut Burger because I had that last year and it wasn't yummy I'm watching my figure.

Here's what I had:
-tiny doughnut
-caramel chocolate blast cappuccino
-bloomin' onion
-pumpkin Long Trail beers
-Opa Opa Kix Ale
-chocolate covered bacon
-fried dough
-fried samoas

Also, Tom decided he had to win me something and I let him know that the only acceptable prize would be a unicorn. And so he dominated skeeball and won me a pink and white unicorn. Also you should be my friend on snapchat. (dhaccessory) Cuz you would get videos of unicorns drinking beers.

As I was walking, a girl who was around 10 years old pointed out my amazing unicorn, and shouted to me about how much she liked it. I said "thanks!" and kept walking. And after I went a few booths up, I realized I couldn't reallllly take Harold (the unicorn) home cuz Lil would eat him. So I checked with Tom and then ran back and gave the little girl my unicorn. I told her she had to be good to her parents and all. And she was literally the happiest little girl ever. It felt so great to make that little girls day. And knowing how amazing it would be to have someone give me a big pink unicorn when I was that age, it basically would have made my life. 

Also we saw this chick who really took the whole Orange Is The New Black thing to heart.

 Also we were sheep.

and then Tom was drunk so on the way home he demanded McDonalds.. So I got a hamburger happy meal.

We got home at 8:30 and went to sleep at 9.

Tom and I looked at more apartments. Wooo. Insert the >< eyed crying face emoji here. I hate apartment hunting. Everyone hates Lil and wants a billion dollars. Anyway the first one was pretty great and it's in the final 3 options. The other was not good and the person was late so we got sushi instead. Then we came home, and watched Hercules and The Great Mouse Detective on Netflix and Tom and Lil napped. Then we went to Tom's parents for his pre-birthday dinner and that means the weekend is over.

And you absolutely have to meet one of my favorite people in real life and in blog land. She was my roomate our freshman year of college and we've been soul mates ever since! We're basically the same person soooo duh, she's awesome.

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in the beginning of July. I had been watching Adriana grow her blog for a while it seemed like a lot of fun. Also my friends and family will only look at so many pictures of Angus & I needed a new audience.
2. What is your favorite post you've written and why?
I knew you were trouble was a ton of fun to write, and nothing says "I'm an adult" like making fun of exes on the Internet. 

3. Since we're IRL friends, what's your favorite memory of us?
Probably the hundreds of times we ran like lunatics across the quad on campus so that you wouldn't have to face the squirrels alone.  That pretty much set the stage for the rest of our friendship. 

Meet My Favorite Texas to North East Transplant!


  1. Love your "S" letter!

    And all that fried fair food looks amazing BTW.

  2. Wow, that "s" letter looks super impressive!
    So cute about giving the unicorn away, I'm sure she's still happy as can be.

  3. LOVE the great mouse detective.

  4. Good luck with apartment hunting! I am definitely going to find you in snapchat now, you seriously crack me up. I still can't believe I've NEVER been to the Big E!

  5. all that food looks amazing and SO cute that you gave your unicorn to a sweet little girl - love that!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. Give me all the food right meow... except it feels weird saying meow on a dog blog, so how about give me all the food ruff ruff (sorry not the same, womp womp) oh and make me a pretty A like that, except use coral and gold. kthanksbye

  7. oh my god. fried samoa. also down here in the south they call them "carmel delights" i hate everything,

  8. I also packed in some el bees this weekend. Woof. Tis the season, I guess?

  9. I seriously want all that food right now. Especially that bloomin' onion. I need all the greasy food in the world in my stomach right now to help with this Monday hangover. And yes- unicorn snapchat was hilarious.

  10. you are the best unicorn giver ever, that little girl is probably still talking about it!! So sweet! sounds like a pretty legit weekend!

  11. I will have one of everything you had on Saturday, minus a unicorn. You put the pizzazz in her day for sure.

  12. Good god all of that food looks good.

    The letter came out awesome too, good work!

    That unicorn is phenomenal, I hope she lives on your bed now. Also, wtf with the orange? My husband came out of the bedroom the other day wearing a brown shirt and brown pants. I was like, you literally look like a piece of shit. Monochromatic rarely works!

  13. But sometimes it's worth it to gain 75 lbs, right?! And I love the letter you made!

  14. GIVE ME ALL THE DONUTS. Also so excited for your new place! Take lots of pics of the one you choose (duh)

  15. i am glad we are snap friends, because the video of said unicorn was my highlight.

  16. All of that food however fattening it may be sounds amazing! Want to face plant into it all! Good luck apartment hunting! That girl will probably always remember that unicorn!

  17. Chocolate covered bacon = heaven? Or at least I hope! And you are so kind giving that little girl your unicorn...I would've kept it.

  18. I'm pretty sure I gained 75 lbs too when I went to the Big E! How was the bacon? I'm pretty sure I saw a chocolate dipped, bacon wrapped banana. Not sure how I feel about that one! Are y'all looking to stay downtown?

  19. Sounds like a fun weekend. Fair food is good food :)

  20. You're basically the nicest person ever for giving that little girl your unicorn, I would never! And your letter "s" looks soo soo good!

  21. Aw, that is so sweet you gave the little girl your unicorn.

    I LOVE fairs. It's a mini hike for me, but I'm gonna try to go to the Big E next year. Fairs just make me so happy and the bigger, the better :-)

    Big Apple, Little Bites


    (Yup still no-reply. I'm an asshole)