Tall Tails: What Miley Could Learn From Our Dogs

So I think things have started to settle down after the twerking tornado that is Miley Cyrus "performed" at the VMAs. So I'm wondering, is she gonna try and top herself? Or is she gonna calm her shit and take it back a few notches? I mean she has her (ex?) fiance and her pups to think about. And maybe if she spent some more time with her dogs instead of foam fingers and over sized teddy bears, she could learn a few things.

1. Having you're tongue out is cute
only if you do it the right way

2. When you get a hair cut you regret, that's ok
just don't make it worse with gel.

3. Make an outfit outrageous by accessories,
not by wearing a mouse/bear thing leotard.

4. If you wanna show your support for someone/something,
wear a jersey, don't violate a foam finger

5. When you make faces, try and be cute/silly 
rather than scary/creepy

6. Playing with stuffed toys is only ok when you're a puppy or
a kid because otherwise it's weird.

7. When rolling around on the floor, try to look innocent 
and fun loving, not like you're trippin' ballz

8. When swimming, use appropriate swimwear and accessories.

It's easy when you're in the spotlight to get confused and start doing really strange things. But, if you just look at yourself in a mirror and ask, "Would my dog approve of what I'm doing?" If the answer is "yes", continue on your merry way. If it's "no" then stop twerking.

Special thanks to:
Bo and his momma Tami
Oscar and his momma My Grandmother
Scooby and his momma Katie
Mac and Murphy and their momma Shannon
Trace and his momma Anna
Itsy and her momma Rachel
and his momma Ashley

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  1. hahah Thanks for the good laugh :)

  2. HAH If only Miley would listen! (Thanks for including Itsy!)

  3. I'm dying of laughter right now. DYING. This is hilarious. Please send it to Miley. Seriously.

  4. Too funny! Love this post...so true :)

  5. YES YES YES - this is HILARIOUS.
    and i'll have you know that i did some major snooping because i didn't know when these pup pictures were going to go up!

    perfect as always lady friend.

  6. P.S. Miley is completely naked in her new video, so the answer is yes, she is going to try to top herself.

  7. bahah! I love it. Where do you come up with this shiz?!

  8. omg stop. I'm dying. please submit this to buzzfeed.

  9. Oh my, the pictures just do not get less disturbing. Thanks for the laugh ;)

  10. How much Miley looks like the dogs in those photos is absolutely appalling...

  11. This was great! Dogs are so smart! :)

  12. this is perfect... speaking of miley, just being miley. have you seen her new video for wrecking ball?! oh child.

  13. I was about to say what Brooke Lyn did. Butt naked straddling a wrecking ball....! Seriously!

  14. Ha ha this is too great! The puppies are all adorable! I wish I could say the same about Miley, but.. eh..

  15. Hahaha, this is an adorable post.

  16. Thanks for featuring our pups :)

    I love the Lil/Miley pic!

  17. omg omg omg LOVE haha. this was so needed on my first day back to work.

  18. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Well, let me rephrase that.... the pups on the left side are the cutest, miley just scares me

  19. Very good content !!Thanks for sharing.