My College Budget

Everyone is back at school these days and I'm bummed. I wish I was still in college. I mean it was awesome. Naps always. Free* cable. Booze always. Surrounded by friends. Summers off. Spending 5 hours (TOPS) in class. Learning about shit you're interested in.

*it's included it tuition but it felt like it was free.


The thing is to fully enjoy college you gotta have at least $17 for a 30 of Busch Light or $10 for a 750 of Popov (plastic bottle, duh) And then you have to factor in drunk take out and cab rides and you start really dipping into your funds.

Now, if you wanna be a good student, you're gonna need to factor in textbooks. At least if you're a psych stat major like I was. So you have to make sure you have enough dough for those and that is a bitch. Remember how expensive textbooks were? If I'm spending $140 on one item it better have a Kate Spade logo on it.

So here's where your budget gets a break! BOOM. There are a few textbooks I wanted to keep (not that it has done me any good) and there are a few that were worth $8.75 when I tried to sell them back so I kept. With CampusBookRentals you pay between 40 and 90% less than in the bookstore and they ship it to you free, at the end of finals, when you're done marking it all up you send it back! FREE.

Act like that's not enough to be convinced but they also donate to Operation Smile with every textbook rented. They provide free surgery to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe!

PLUS now they also have RentBack which allows students to rent the textbooks they already (stupidly) own - to other students. AKA SPLURGE ON THOSE CRAB RANGOONS. These people are too good.

Now, if I had known this in college, I would have been SO much happier because I had a very strict and tight budget. I will share that with you now.

Your welcome for that glimpse into my college life. And yes, I was as usually as confused as I look in all those pictures.


  1. Frickin price of books, man. My most expensive quarter was $700 for books and I was in community college. Fuckers.

    Carton of goldfish...definitely a staple!

  2. Oh dirty vodka and cheap beer! Those we're the days!

  3. Oh, the days of scrounging up dollars for a keg up front, then collecting it all back at the party and going out to dinner at Outback with the proceeds.

  4. Is it bad we still sometimes get a case of Busch Light?? Just can't quit the habit!

  5. My roommate and I lived as close the the bars as one could get, so would host parties at our apartment, charge 5 bucks a cup and get a keg of busch light. We made money every time. Holla!

  6. This is great! Makes me really miss my college days.