Would Tami Be Friends With You?

It's Friday. Not that I know the difference since I've been boozing and tanning all week. BUT I couldn't leave you guys hanging! In fact I got one of the most entertaining ladies in all of blogland to come hang out today. Sh'e hilar and I basically want to to be her best friend. Would you make the cut?

Hey guys! I'm Tami from Friday Morning Buzz and I'm taking over Adriana's blog while she's laying on a beach somewhere with a 24-ounce Pina Colada in her hand.

Most of the time when I meet someone new, it takes me a while to really get a feel for whether I like them or not. After all, there are so many different versions of crazy out there that it's sometimes hard to spot red flags on a first interaction. But there are a few qualities about a person that make us instant BFF's, a la Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly in Stepbrothers. If you are any of these things, I can guarantee we'll get along.

1. A coffee fanatic

I would have my caffeine IV'ed into my bloodstream if I could, so if I find out you're also a coffee fiend we're new besties. I'll even tell you the location of my secret coffee stash at work so you can raid it whenever you want!

2. A beer drinker

If I'm out at the bar with a potential new female friend and she opts for a draft beer instead of a cliche mixed drink, I love her. Not that there's anything wrong with a good old vodka soda or long island, but if you can get down on some Blue Moon like I can, I'm your biggest fan.

3. A cat lady

Anyone can be a dog lover. It's easy. It takes a "special" person to appreciate cats and obsess over them like I do. If you are that person, hi--I've got 226 irresistible photos in my phone we can look at!

4. An SEC football fan

If' you're a Florida Gator, HI YOU'RE MY FAVORITE PERSON ON THE PLANET. But even if you root for someone other than my Gators, if it's an SEC team we've got something to bond over. We can trash talk on game weeks and schedule our Saturdays around whose team is playing when. I love you!

5. A runner.

I'm not a huge runner myself, but I've never met one I didn't like. Some of my best friends on the planet are either former track and field stars or cross country athletes. Maybe it's all that running for hours on end you do *for fun* that gives you a million more endorphins than everyone else. I'm not sure, but you runners are good people.


Are you any of these things? Then you should probably click on over here and read more about the reason I hate Carrie Bradshaw or the night Tim Tebow saw my boobs. Good times.


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  1. Well, I don't drink coffee but I do drink beer. I love the Gators and all things SEC. I like kittens but not their litter boxes. I am currently pretending to be a runner. I suppose we can be sort of friends.

  2. I'll drink coffee and beer all day long...sometimes at the same time. Word. ;)