Know What I Hate? Jean Shopping.

Last weekend I went jean shopping. It was horrible.

{insert "OMG I KNOWWWW!" here}

I went EVERYWHERE. I tried on every brand from Mudd to True Religion and everything in between.

I have about 13 pairs of jeans and I wear 2 regularly. I haven't gotten rid of those other 11 because they fit. Kinda. I mean they fit my hips, make my ass look great, and they are the perfect rise in the front. They're so comfy and have just the right amount of stretch. Plus they weren't cheap.

So why don't I wear them?

They are flared. And not like "boot cut, slight flare over converse" flare, like a "who's having a 70's themed party because all I need are the gogo boots to go with these babies" flared. And not to mention, I'm 5'1 so there is pretty much no brand of jeans I can wear off the rack unless I cuff them. (Thank god that's trendy)

But I know fall is coming, weather (HAH get it?) I like it or not. And I have a bunch of cute boots (including the 3 I bought for under $70 total this weekend!!!!!) that I will be wearing always so I knew I needed some new skinny jeans.

I went in every store. And tried every brand. Including but not limited to:
Express - Michael Kors - Ann Taylor - LOFT - J. Crew - Ralph Lauren Polo - Target
Hollister - Old Navy - Gap - Banana Republic - Levi's - Nordstrom - Charlotte Russe
Paige - Vigoss - J Brand -True Religion - 7 for all mankind - Joe's - Citizens - Lucky 
and manyyyy more. 

I was shopping with Tom's mom and every time I came out it was like a "mm probably not those" kind of look. Hell, I was even "fitted" in the Levi's store but I was between the "demi curve" and "bold curve" so neither fit right. It wasn't easy to get measured either. You can take the 3 question test here. Not helpful.

I'm a size 6 aka 27 depending on the sizing of the brand. Some jeans I tried on made me feel fat, some made my ass look horrible, some were decorated so much Pauly D would blush, some were too faded, some were too high and some were all of the above.

I was exhausted and very defeated. We walked out of J.Crew empty handed (hellllo, I'm not 6'9! How do normal people wear those jeans!) And one of the employees asked why nothing worked and then suggested Off 5th (the Saks outlet). I'm thinking fuck that. But Tom's mom said "we may as well try" and that was all the convincing it took. We went in, I tried on literally 9 pairs of jeans and ended up with the True Religion Stella Skinny jeans. Not thrilled about the price but they were 40% off regular price and I'm planning on wearing them for basically the rest of my life so I convinced myself.

Then, just because we can't say no to Marshalls, we went for the 2nd day in a row and found the Paige Skyline Skinny jeans there. SO thrilled. Much easier on my wallet and I'm wearing them today and love them.

I ended up spending WAY more than I wanted to on 2 pairs of jeans but I did it. I went with the ones that looked, felt and fit the best. Unfortunately they happened to be premium brands.
Paige Skyline Skinny                                              True Religion Stella Skinny

They're still both too long for me but that's something I'm used to/ok with. As for my other 11 pairs, I plan to bring them to a tailor and see how much it would cost to turn them into skinny jeans!

So that was my very long winded jean hunt story. I also found THE PERFECT boyfriend jeans at Marshalls. They're SOLD Designer Lab and they were amazing. But they only had asize 29 and 30 and they blatantly didn't fit. So now I will be spending the rest of my days searching for the perfect boyfriend jeans.

A casually fashionable girls work is never done.

To reward you for sitting thru that rant, here's an awesome giveaway hosted by Marquis from Simply Clarke 

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  1. Ugh jean shopping is the absolute worst. I'm trying to avoid it as long as possible even though I'm in desperate need of a new pair. I'll have to check out those two brands.

  2. I feel your pain..jeans are always way too long for me! I'm also picky with jeans too so that makes it even harder!! haha you found some cute ones though!! You seriously have 11 pairs of flare jeans?! ;)

  3. I feel your pain..jeans are always way too long for me! I'm also picky with jeans too so that makes it even harder!! haha you found some cute ones though!! You seriously have 11 pairs of flare jeans?! ;)

  4. It took me foreeevveerrr to find a jean that fit me perfectly..i get the Levis in the "bold curve" and in short because im 5'2 and i love them! Im going to have to try the brands you found.

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

  5. I HATE trying jeans on. The whole process is excruciating.

  6. Excited for this giveaway!!! Colors! I love all the prints and colors for fall. It seems like everything used to be so monotone and now they are spicing it up!!

  7. Jeans are so hard to find the perfect pair! I am on the look out for the perfect pair of boots too!

  8. jean shopping is the bane of my existence.

  9. I have the same rant every time too!

    Oh, and thanks for pointing me to the giveaway...fingers crossed 'cause it's a good one!

  10. You've got me depressed because I know I need to go jean shopping... ugh...
    have the chocolate & Starbucks ready for the depression that will soon follow

  11. Ugh HATE jean shopping the ONLY thing worse is swimsuit shopping :/

  12. I HATE jean shopping. It's the worst because my legs are so damn long, I can't find anything that will fit me!

  13. Haha! I feel that jeans are an investment and if you are going to wear those two pairs all the time then you will get your moneys worth! I searched for the right jeans for a long time and now I will only wear American Eagle jeans.

  14. I hated jean shopping so much that I put it on my 101 list to find the perfect brand and be done with it. I too went with Paige Skyline, and if you ever want to try a cheaper alternative, ones that work for me are American Eagle Skinny Kick (they are only available online, but they are true to size, you'll be a 6 if you're a 6 elsewhere.) I feel like they are similar. Now I stick only to those two brands!

    1. They're on sale right now too for $30. I just ordered more. I have a problem. But if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  15. my favorite fall trend is olive green!

  16. My favorite fall trend are the fall brights! I've seen a couple of things about bring colors for fall and I'm loving it!

  17. Ive been putting jean shopping off for monthsssss. I'll gave and put myself through that torture eventuallyy. Also my favorite fall trend is probs chunky scarves

  18. My fav fall trend is scarves boots and big sweaters!! I love being all bundled up!

  19. but for reals. why dont they make a jean that fits my big thighs and small waist?! is that too much to ask for? maybe apple bottom jeans are calling my name?

  20. 1st, I love Savannah's blog. actually just came from her blog a few mins ago.

    2nd. iiiiiiiiii understanndddddd!! I'm 5 feet.! i absolutely despise shopping because nothing ever fits. i'm petite, but i have big boobies so tops never fit me right. and i'm so short and i guess awkward shaped because pants never fit me. i'll try on one size and it'll fit when i button but then be loose in other areas, so i go down a size and then i button up and have a muffin top but every other areas fits. and they are always long. always. even the "short" length ones. IT'S LIKE BEING IN HELL. probably. i end up wearing my clothes out so hard because the thought of having to buy new stuff angers me because i know how awful it's gonna be.

  21. I hate jean shopping. I'm short too and they are always way, way tooo long.

  22. Jean shopping can be so frustrating, they are totally tailored for supermodels and supermodels alone but when you find the perfect pair it is perfect!

  23. Expenses, When i recognized those Athenians have been advisable!