Aluminum Foil = Induced Vomming

Here's what happened on Sunday.

Tom, Lil and I were down at the family cottage for the last weekend of the year but I was coming back around noon Sunday. We packed up the car with all my and Lily's stuff from the weekend and headed home.

It's about an hour drive to get home and about 20 min in, I realize Lil is chewing on a chunk of tin foil.


I'm on the highway so I can't just slam on my brakes and pull over, and even if I could, Lil would fly into the dashboard and probably break her face. So I try to get her to trade me for some curly fries I had in a unused plastic poop bag (just pretend that's normal) but when she saw the fries, she decided she should swallow the foil so she could eat the fries.

Extra fuck.

So I call Tom and ask him what I should do. It wasn't a big piece, and Lil's eaten (and passed) worse so I tried to stay calm. Tom looked up some shit on google and I called the vet and we came to the conclusion that I would have to get hydrogen peroxide and force feed it to Lil to induce vomiting.

Also, I had an hour to do this from the time she swallowed the foil.

I stopped at the next exit's pharmacy, got some hydrogen peroxide and drove the 40 minutes home. Then I get back to the apartment and I'm like how the absolute fuck am I gonna get Lil to drink 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide? Also, too much is toxic so I'm basically poisoning my dog a little.

I MacGruber-ed a water bottle into a squirt bottle by stabbing the cap with a knife, then cut myself on the safety foil while trying to open the hydrogen peroxide, and then backed Lil into a corner, put on leg on either side of her and basically had to shove the bottle in her mouth and squeeze.

She was not happy.

She ran away and instantly started gagging. It was SO incredibly hard to watch her look so sick and helpless especially when she was acting completely fine before I had to give her that horrible stuff.

And then she vommed.

And as I was cleaning it, she vommed again. And again. And Again.

And then she vommed again and the chunk of foil came with it.

The relief was so complete, I can't even describe it. Never would I ever have thought I'd be so excited about looking through dog vomit. I still felt so bad tho. She proceeded to sleep the entire rest of the day. She only woke up when Tom came home so she could say hi and cuddle with him.

I couldn't imagine what I would do if something had gone wrong. I felt like a horrible dog mom for letting her get to the foil. I felt like a horrible dog mom giving her something that made her sick, even though I had to so she wouldn't have bigger issues.

Being a dog mom is really hard. Lil's ok. I'm mostly is ok. Gah.

We had a "thank god you don't need surgery and we had enough resolve to clean up the vom" snuggle party.

Back to normal.

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2. When and why did you start blogging?
A year ago I was in a rock climbing accident and I broke my ankle and leg. With all my down time I was able to really focus on writing and growing my blog. It went from a hobby to an obsession pretty quickly. 
3. What is your favorite post you've written and why?

On a serious note, this one about "The Importance Of being There" in which I talk about dealing with my sisters and then Dad's cancer, it's not sad, it's just so important to show people that you care about them. In good times and in bad. And then on a fun note, "If Boys Were Bloggers" becuase lord knows this is a woman's game. 
4. You're pretty much blog famous. What is the best part about having a "big blog" and what's the biggest thing that helped you get there?

HAHAAHAHAHAHA! Now I feel cool. Can I stick that in my back pocket for a rainy day? too late, just did. I really don't think it's BIG but if you say so. The best thing I did was comment. I wrote a post about that as well. Like I said, I fell rock climbing so I had a lot of time on my hands and I used it to reach out to other bloggers by interacting with them and the main way to do that is to read a comment. And one where you can actually tell you've read the post, not something like "Cool." No.

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  1. So Glad Lil is ok!!!!! I would've been freaking out!

  2. I had to do this to my Beagle I used to have. It's effective, but man does it make them throw up A LOT.

  3. Ohhh god that is awful! I'm so sorry. Yay I'm featured today!!

  4. That's awful! I've had similar shit happen. The surgery costs way too much, def go with the induced puke way cheaper and easier.

  5. Aww that poor baby. I've heard of giving dogs peroxide to make them vom but thankfully have never had to do it.

  6. bahahaha! that poor baby. unfortunately, i've had about 7 encounters with poison control this year that relate to the furbag so i totally understand your thoughts related to HP! xoxo

  7. poor baby lil!!! hope she is all better

  8. Poor Lil! Ugh. I'm glad it all ended up well, but freakin' A.

  9. This post is wonderful and terrifying at the same time! I know exactly how you feel and have had peroxide on standby - thank goodness I didn't have to use it! My smallest Mia has the stomach of a touch goat - she once ate a pair of underwear only to vomit them up whole two days later. She continued her puppy antics of running around the house like nothing happened while I scrubbed the carpet. Aren't our babies wonderful!?

  10. So glad Lil is ok! You are such a good dog momma!

  11. Awww I'm glad she's ok!! Poor baby!

  12. So glad that Lil is okay!! Pups get into everything. Having to watch your dog vom must have been so hard but totally worth not having to rush him to the Vet.

  13. Man. So scary! Glad she's okay. I saw on the Today show (don't judge me!) that if you mix the peroxide with ice cream, they'll usually eat it without a fuss. Hopefully you'll never have to do it again, but just something to keep in mind!

  14. vomit for the win! glad lil dog is ok.

  15. Just a couple weeks ago my baby was choking on something and I had no idea what to do so after about five minutes of the choking and him not coughing it up I gave him some peroxide and then he proceeded to puke 500 times and I felt so bad for him. But I solved the choking problem :) Glad it worked for you too

  16. Oh no that would scare the pants off me! Poor Lil and poor you having to watch your baby puking. Glad she's ok though!

  17. Poor puppy! When we first got Lucy, she ate a 6 foot long leather leash. She puked out most of the leather on her own, but we never found out what happened to the brass buckle.

  18. I'm glad your dog is ok! I've had a few times when my dog decided to eat bad things (like the ant poison trap) that I thought I might have to do that. I'm sure that's in my future...

  19. Aw poor pup! Glad she is okay though! Our dogs always are trying to eat plastic and they make me so nervous. Ugh.

  20. Ack! That's so scary! Glad she's ok!

  21. Oh my goodness, poor Lil!! That must have been so awful for all of you. It's so scary and heartbreaking when our furbabies are sick or hurting. So glad to hear she's ok!