Ashten Says: We Can’t Date If You Don’t Love My Dog

I’m Ashten and I write a little blog called “alwaysashten”. I’m not quite sure who authorized Adriana to go on vacation and leave me here without a tan but here I am, helping her out and entertaining you while she’s gone. I’m pretty excited to be here because:
a) This is my second guest post, EVER!
b) I also wear dog hair as an accessory
c) I think Adriana is the shit.
Ladies, it’s a jungle out there. Dating is hard, and chivalry is dead. So, shortly after moving to Atlanta in 2010, I got myself the best kind of man: my Boxer mix, Warner. Since the day I brought him home Warner has been the best guy in the world. He doesn’t complain when I watch trashy reality television, he is grateful when I feed him, he loves to cuddle and he doesn’t judge me when I drink too much and pass out at 7pm. We have a good thing going on, Warner and I.

When a new man enters the picture, Warner plays a large part in how long he will stick around. I may give Warner a bit too much credit, but I think he’s a good judge of character. If a man enters my house and Warner barks at him the chances of him sticking around long are slim to none. If said man takes Warner’s spot on the bed, and then complains when he gets in your way while sleeping, there’s a chance his man will not sleep in our bed for long.
Once, a guy I was dating had to spend the night after a night out at the bar, and homeboy was HAMMERED. We got home close to 3am and while I was trying to be quiet, so as not to wake my roommate, this guy opened Warner’s crate, let him out and proceeded to take him outside without a leash. It was January. He let my “child” out in the cold, in the middle of the night, without a leash. Warner went out, went to the bathroom and ran back inside; climbed back in bed, shivering and this guy was cut a few days later.
Another guy came to pick me up and when Warner jumped on him with delight, the guy sternly put him down and said “GET DOWN DUDE. YOU’RE GETTING HAIR ALL OVER ME. THAT’S ANNOYING.” He was a one date wonder. (The Warner incident was part of it: this guy was also a total toolbox.)
One guy kicked Warner in the middle of the night. KICKED HIM. Why? Because Warner was taking up too much room on the bed and he was pissed about it. I should have had this fool arrested, but instead I just never called him again.
Warner and I have yet to meet a guy who we think deserves to stick around for a while. I think it will take a saint to handle Warner and my high standards for a future dog-daddy.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but “TOOT TOOT!” My blog is kinda fun and I think you should come over and hang out with me for a bit.
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And now for another lady you NEED to meet. If you aren't convinced by how awesome she is, then one look at her pups and you'll be hooked for sure!

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1.When and why did you start blogging?
I actually started back in February and started through Wordpress. I was reading a lot of healthy living blogs because I was and still am trying to become more healthy and I thought I wanted to write about all of that too. Turns out I'm better writing about alcohol and dogs! Who knew!

2. What is your favorite post you've written and why?
My favorite post hmmmm.. there have been a few but I'll have to go with my post about living and working together! I love Matt very much and I'm so glad we have a strong enough relationship to be able to do that!

3. Bubba and Irene are buddies most of the time right? Do they get in sibling fights?
Oh Bubba and Irene fight alot! With her being the older one she gets more annoyed with him easier! And boy does she put him in his place quick. Sad part is, he thinks she's playing so he goes right back for her. It's hilarious to watch!


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  1. Oh hello. I'm very excited to be here. Also, COME HOME ADRIANA. MY LIFE IS BORING WITHOUT YOU

  2. I see the resemblance with the 2 of you :)

    Good for you... I wouldn't have anyone that didn't love my dog either. Dogs are good judges of character too. Watch how they react to the guys you bring around :)

    I'm headed to your blog right now to mark it :)

    1. Thanks Rebecca....I like that he looks like mama haha

  3. Dogs are seriously the best judge of character! Warner is too cute :D