Monday's After Vacation Blow

I'm back from vaca and barely alive. I had an incredibly awful allergy attack last night. Let's just say I could play Quasimodo without a mask at this point. 

BUT! We have a winner for the design giveaway!! Alyssa from Alyssa Said Hi

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So I'm not gonna be real today. But if you didn't read all my guest posts from last week then here they are again:

Helene's post on Tuesday
Ashten's post on Wednesday
Kate's post on Thursday
Tami's post on Friday

and I'm not gonna do a vaca recap. Just look on my instagram. I kept up with it pretty well all week.

Eff you Monday.

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  1. Haha at least you're honest! Welcome back to reality, friend :)

  2. Oh man... those are always the hardest Mondays...

    hope you get back in the swing of things...

  3. Mondays after vacations should be illegal. The week should automatically reset to Tuesday.

  4. Haha glad you are back. Mondays suck and don't worry the weekend will be here soon!