Big Bootyz and Empanadas


I’m either about to leave, on the way to, or currently enjoying NEWW YOWKKKK! (I hope you can hear that in your head the way I’m saying it) We dropped off Lil at the kennel so she could have playtime with her friends (and a much needed bath) while we're away.

Now that I think of it I should have had someone guest post for me. WELP I have a bunch of Friday’s off coming up so I’ll be better about that.

SINCE I’M NOT A GOOD PLANNER, I’m just gonna tell you a quick story about my favorite person from work. She’s awesome and super sweet and she alwayssss is sharing food with me. (insta-friend tactic) For example, she shares her POPs in the morning, brings me in cake (best baker EVER) and sooo muchhh Spanish foooooddd.
Cake she made for her nephew

Rando (and DELICIOUS) empanadillo because she loves me. Also I
was the one who took those bites. I couldn't wait til after the picture.
Besides being all the above she is pretty hilarious. She somehow gets herself into so much shit but she can always laugh about it. (a skill I’m working on) My new favorite story from her is one she told me earlier this week.

She’s been telling me about how she’s starting to work out again and how she’s running every day. She’s been running around her neighborhood lately. So the other day she’s running past some local store fronts and comes up on a liquor store. What does she do? Well duh. She stops and buys a bottle of Hennessey. She then walks out with the bottle in a brown paper bag, promptly turns around, goes back in and gets a plastic bag with handles.

And then, because she’s a fucking champ, she puts the bag on her arm and runs back home.

Obviously I died when she told me since she tried really hard to pretend like this was a normal thing to do. Also I’m gonna find a liquor store a couple miles away, run there, grab some wine, run home and prob have 4 glasses. What better motivation is there?

This #backthatazzup Friday is dedicated to her.
Birthday Song (Explicit) ft. Kanye West by 2 Chainz on Grooveshark

I'll be back with details of my trip on Monday! Have a great weekend bitchesssss

p.s. if you live the the New England area and want a cake for a special occasion email me and I'll give you her info or follow her on instagram @cupcaking_b

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip!! I will be in New York in a few weeks and I am SO excited!! It is definitely a second home.
    Safe travels!

  2. Pffft I LOVE your co-worker. & poor Lil. Have so much fun this weekend!

  3. I love the song you chose for the week! And your coworker has some great ideas. I think we could all use that as motivation. By the way, I LOVE your blog name. It's my go to accessory, always. lol.

  4. gotta love 2 chainz.

    that cake is awesome! the trees!! so cute!

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  6. Found your blog through the blog collective and I would love a follow back!
    - Heather