Failing Pinterestingly

Well this is my first Oh, How Pinteresting link up but I’m pretty bummed that this was the pin I chose. Here’s why:

1.       Everyone’s results always come out pretty close to what the pin was
2.       When people do recipes, it’s always amazingggg
3.       I didn’t even make mine the right way
4.       It did NOT taste like it was supposed to
5.    I can't figure out how to embed the damn pin (maybe I fixed it now?)

I pinned this a while back

And somehow we ended up with a package of greek yogurt in our fridge. Weird because Tom didn’t buy it and I didn’t buy it. Either Lil is all of a sudden a big fan of probiotics and has some cash to burn or it’s a miracle. Before it went bad and the miracle was wasted I wanted to try this out.

I was on the phone with my girlfriend and she was saying she loved greek yogurt so I’m like ok great. So, without looking up the recipe, I started putting the ingredients together. No measurements or anything of course. And I had mini M&Ms instead of mini chocochips.

WELP, this is how it came out.

I know not very appetizing right? Nothing like the pin. Turns out I forgot the vanilla extract (we don’t have that shit in the apartment, because there is noooo need for vanilla extract in anything else) Also we don’t have sugar in the apartment so I had a sugar substitute packet from the complimentary coffee station in our lobby (yea our apartment is fancy) that I snagged when we had guests staying with us and I wasn’t about to go downstairs to get more. Also I just kept adding peanut butter.

Wanna know what it tasted like? Yogurt and peanut butter. With tiny M&Ms. #dissapointing. I tried to get Tom to taste it but he was NOT having it.

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  1. Hahaha that looks/sounds so sad, but kinda hilarious.

  2. Umm I love this, pinterest just breeds failure sometimes--we can't all just "make candles" out of clementines, people!! :)

  3. Hahahaha...vanilla for chocolate chip cookies!

  4. Sometimes my pins go wrong too. And I NEVER measure anything either when I'm cooking. ha!

  5. I just saw the same pin the other day. It takes a lot to like greek a bite a day for two weeks before making your way to two bites a day and so I cannot imagine this working out well and tasting like cookies dough. That being said, I still thought about trying it.

    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  6. Hahaha. My last pinterest adventure was a DISASTER, so you're not alone!

  7. I think we've all had recipes turn out like we didn't expect! What a bummer though!

  8. Haha, that looks so gross! I love those pins that make it look like things are SUPER EASY and they turn out to suck. At least you tried!

  9. I like plain greek yogurt with PB. I can see how adding chocolate chips would be good. But vanilla? That sounds weird. Sorry it turned out bad, I've had some things I've pinned and made and looked at going WTF is this?!