Yea it's Monday.

BUT let's look back at how perfectly "Liz Lemon" my weekend went. 

Friday: After getting sweet new nail polish (Essie Butler Please) I did bloggy things for a while while watching Law & Order and then Tom went to sleep.. at 9:30pm. I watched a documentary on wolverines.Yes. That's what I did on my Friday night. Oh, and I had a Milwaukee's Best aka "the Beast" because, well, what else was I gonna do. Also, turns out Lil is part wolverine. 
I think he fell asleep while trying to solve the murder.

Tastes like college

Saturday I had a shopping and sushi date with a girlfriend. I started feeling not-so-hot so I went home to nap. Because we had argued earlier, (NBD ok guys? People disagree) Tom was an awesome boyfriend and when I woke up there was a sticky note on my phone saying "Lovelovelove you. Bottom shelf of the fridge." (wellll to clarify, I woke up so I could text a friend back, before he put it on my phone and he was right next to me so he just said go back to sleep and get up in 30 seconds) I heard the door to the apartment open and close and then I got up (after finding the note) and went to the fridge. In the fridge was a seasonal 12 pack of Magic Hat which includes my favvvvv summer beer- Elderbetty. One was out of the pack with a bow and a note saying "Sorry we fought, love you lots, meet me on the roof" So I go up to the rooftop terrace and he's sitting there reading and waiting for me! 
2 rolls for $9. Yea bro!
Love him.
Sunday my Dad called up at 9 to go running again. Yuck. But Lil and I picked him up and, not on purpose, we ran 20 seconds faster per mile! WOO. To continue the Liz Lemon/ SWUG weekend (if you don't watch 30 Rock, watch it. Also this helps explain things), we hung out, watched more Law & Order and then went to Tom's parents for our weekly Sunday din but this weekend was extra special because J (Tom's soon to be brother in-law who you met in this post) is officially a Phd!! He just defended his dissertation and nailed it! So proud of you Dr. J!

She used to fit. (TINY BABY LIL at around 4mo)
Exhausted after the run. She's a
little too big for the front seat now.
Hope you all had a fun weekend!



  1. Everybody argues.. but that is SO cute that he went & bought your favorite beer, put a bow on it & told you meet him on the rooftop!! Can every make-up be like that?! haha. Good for you for waking up to go run even though it sucks.. we did that on Sunday too!!

  2. blahh monday but that sushi looks good... Its funny because i HATE IT, idk if its the idea of the fish, the seaweed or what... But it always look so so good and everyone always love it.. i just wish my taste buds agreed!

  3. I am dying that you had Beast in your refrigerator! I haven't had one of those in seriously like 10 years. I also need to know more about this Elderbetty. I love any beer that has a fruity flavor, so I must check it out.

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend, I love sushi! Wow that beer makes me think of college like no joke! Have a great day!

  5. You had me at Liz Lemon. Found you in Carly's comments.

    I would remarry my husband if he pulled a post-it stunt like that. I want him to get the hint that little things like that are so sweet but after 4 years it hasn't happened yet. Have your boyfriend give him a call for me!

    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  6. I want your doggie like right now!! Soooo cute!