Boston Love

Just wanted to jump on here because I, along with probably everyone else, have a heavy heart. The tragedy that happened at the marathon today in Boston is the kind of thing I struggle to understand. Erin tweeted this earlier today:

"It can't be real" is really the first sentiment that comes to mind after these horrible acts. 

Living on the East Coast halfway between New York City and Boston, I have found myself in Boston far more often than NYC. I went to school outside the city and was there practically every weekend. Tom has family living there, we each have more than a few friends in the immediate and surrounding area. One of my dad's best friends ran the race today. A bunch of new friends I've met over the past month or so in blogland live in the area. It makes me so sad to think that any of them could have been hurt by such a senseless act. 

Luckily, none of them were injured but there are too many people that were. Now we're hearing about fatalities. Tom just told me one of them was an 8 year old boy.  

People that do these things to others have so many reasons not to but they choose to ignore any good sense and take violent and unbelievable extremes.

To the heroes:
The EMS, police, figherfighters, security- You are all amazing in your choice of career. If not for you, complete chaos would likely ensue. You are the rocks that build the foundation back up. Hurt from a tragedy like this is less impossible to overcome because of you. Thank you.
The bystanders, blood donors, tireless runners, the "helpers"- You are incredible people. You are the reason that faith in humanity remains. You stepped up without being asked, without an obligation and that is why, no matter how hard the "bad guys" work, they will never win. 

I'm so sorry to all those affected. My love and prayers go out to you. Boston is a strong city and I have no doubts the people of such a city will band together and rise above this. 

Here are some pictures that will hopefully make you smile and feel a bit better.



  1. Thank you for the pictures!!

    Such a sad sad day. While I dont prefer to go to Boston because of all the business, I still love it and its just terrible to see on TV. Its unreal to think it happened just 45 minutes away from me! I cant understand how anyone could do this. The marathon is such a special event for so many.

    My fiance was itching to go to his hometown oday where they run through. He would of been alone but I couldnt go and his dad was working. I made him stay home. He informed me today he was thinking about taking the train into Boston to go to the finish line...

  2. This is a very sweet post. My heart aches for everyone impacted in some way- but I guess we've all been impacted to some degree. The world is turning into a very scary place.

  3. Twitter post was so real.... Those pictures made me feel better...

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    Have a great day!


  4. Such a well-written post & I love the addition of animal pictures! We spent approx. an hour on Buzzfeed last night looking at puppy videos and cat pics. Sometimes you just need that!

  5. Love the shout-out to the heroes. And the photos made me feel better. Too cute. :)

  6. It is so, so sad. I had to turn off the news a little bit ago because it's all too much. Your pictures did make me smile though! :)

  7. It is so sad. I have a lot of family in Boston, but I feel so removed because I live in Australia now.

    Those kitties are adorable, thanks for sharing.

  8. Ahhhh! Cat in a Pringles can definitely cheered me up. :)