Showing Off My Dog

I have SO MUCH to do at work today but when I realized that Mallory had her Claws to Paws link up today I was like well, fuck it. Priorities you know!

Meet Lily.

Tom had been looking into getting a dog for months. We looked at breeders, shelters, rescues but he couldn’t really decide. We got a message from our friend who works at the shelter (who later got us the DNA kit) and she sent us this picture.

Lil and 8 of her brothers and sisters were dropped off together. We actually thought she was a boy but I instantly knew that little ting would be our dog. (I say our, but at that point Tom and I didn’t live together so he was technically his) I was away for the weekend with family and told Tom he wasn’t allowed to go without me. I immediately started showing my family pictures saying “Tom’s gonna get this dog!”

I got back from my vaca weekend Sunday afternoon and Tom picked me right up and we headed to the local  CT Humane Society. Tom and I went in, saw her, and fell in love. She was 8 weeks old and perfect. Tiny, round, snuggly and warm and awkward.

We didn’t want to make a snap decision (who were we kidding) so we went home so we could sleep on it. The next day Tom took the morning off and when she was brought back out to him it was like her tiny puppy self recognized him. And that was that. I took the second half of the day off and since then she’s been in our lives!

We named her Lily after Harry Potter’s mother (it was a big part of how Tom and I  got together) but she quickly became “Lil” since Lily seems too graceful for her personality.

She’s the definition of a mutt. At the shelter we were told she was an American Bulldog and Lab mix. Which she probably is. And then our friend gave us a DNA test for Christmas and when we got the results back, they said she was Pit Bull, Boxer and German Shepherd. She is DEFINITELY a boxer. I know this because about 4 times a day she punches Tom in the crotch with both front paws. She fights/plays dirty.

She passed puppy kindergarten (because she’s a show off and an incredible actress) but it’s been SO HARD training her. She’s got SO MUCH ENERGY and literally can not calm herself down. As she gets older we’re starting to see her mature tho and she’s even good enough to sleep on the couch now! (most nights)

She’s amazing and annoying and crazy and loving and obnoxious and wonderful. We love her and she loves us. She’s become the center of our tiny fam. She plays fetch NON-STOP for hours, she's my running buddy and she can even play wiffle ball! She can "high five" and play dead and she's too smart for her own good. She's an attention whore and destructive chewer. And she whines and cries more than any human baby I've met. She's dramatic and needy and hilarious and embarrassing. But she's adorable (lucky for her) and she just tries so hard to love us the best she can.

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  1. i cant handle this. how freaking cuteeeeee

  2. All of these I'm in love! She is one adorable furbaby!

    I can't wait to start actually going to shelters and meeting dogs, I feel like we will instantly know which one to get--I have a puppy search post scheduled for tomorrow too :)

  3. I am in love with all of these pictures! She's so adorable!! The picture of her on the couch with the stuffed animal is my favourite. :)

  4. Lily is precious! I love the paw in face picture, ha!

  5. I love everything about this, especially the Halloween costume. One of our dogs dressed up as a squirrel last year.

  6. I love her and her ridiculousness! My sister has a Lily too and she is SO NOT what you would expect a Lily to be, just like your Lil.

  7. Oh my gosh; what a great mix! And a cutie too!

  8. Oh she is adorable. That face! so sweet!
    And that smile! I LOVE doggy smiles!

  9. such a sweet little girl! (and she totally looks like she'd be a little toot!)

  10. HAHAHA I laughed out loud at how you knew she was a boxer!!! Gosh so stinking cute in those costumes!!!!!!!

  11. ahh!!! cutest dog ever! (besides mine of course) :) I'm dying to get a second dog, but apartment lving just isn't conducive to two dogs. Someday... :)

    AND, i'm a real sucker for dogs in costume. I have a few myself for my dog.

  12. OMG, she is a DOLL! An absolute doll! Rescues/shelter dogs make the best pets, and I'm so glad you rescued her.

    In looking at her, I can definitely see the pittie in her face, especially in the photos where it looks like she's smiling. I swear she looks a little shepherdy too. She's probably a combination of a lot of things, which is what makes rescues so great!

    She has the sweetest facial expressions and it's clear how much you and Tom love her. I love fellow dog lovers!

    FYI: I'm visiting from the Chits and Giggles blog hop. :-)

  13. I am happy to Lily-sit anytime. I'm excellent with animals and can provide references, Aid :D

  14. I love her!!! The stick through the door TOO FUNNY!

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!! She is soooooo precious! Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm glad you liked it :) I've been reading through yours and feel the same way! Loved what I was reading/seeing :) Thanks again!

    -- Mary