I have some exciting news.. I GOT A BUTTON Y’ALL!

I know I’m not even the least bit southern but when I’m pumped and yelling I feel like “y’all” is more effective than any other option.

Unlike a lot of my talented blogger friends, I know jack shit about HTML. I thought about learning it but nahhh. So I went on etsy and looked up blog design templates. I found that Laura had a custom design package and took the plunge.  (She also designed Emily's blog!)

SO glad I did. Laura is AWESOME and so easy to work with! She expedited the button making (SINCE I JUST WON A GIVEAWAY FOR AD SPACE AND A GIFTCARD NBD) and I think it looks fucking cool. 

Here it is!! Grab it! Put it on your side bar!

<a href="http://www.doghairaccessory.blogspot.com/"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/onupspO.png" border="0px"></a>

I’m so official, it’s unreal.

Also. I mentioned I WON SOMETHING! I never win anything and it makes me sad but this time, I WON! $10 to Starbucks (to order this everytime) and ad space (for non-bloggers reading this I swear, it’s a bigger deal than it sounds.) If you don’t read these blogs you should! I will be featured on them! (plus they're great reads)

·         Southern Beauty Guide
·         The Hartungs
·         Rachel's Country Roots
·         Bourbon & Glitter

WOO. Also- typing "won," specifically in caps, makes it look reallllll weird.

Toby's Tails


  1. you go girl, adding your cute cute button to my sidebar now<3 Is this a preview of what your new blog design will be? ;) ;)

  2. Let's swap! So proud of you for taking the button plunge--it does make you legit now!