Packing Pinterest- Style

It's Wednesday. THANK CHRIST. 

I serrrrriously need a vacation (wooo happening this weekend!) I get super cranky at around 3:30 everyday at work and then my mind wanders to bigger, better things. For example:
-had a hypothetical bitch fest at kids I hate from high school
-planned my sister's 21st birthday
-thought about how my hair would look straight (haven't straighten it since I got it cut)
-what my bridesmaid dress was gonna look like
-L & J's wedding
-what I'm packing for the weekend
-shwarma and macaroons that I'll be eating this weekend

Really tho, I'm all over the place after 3:30. Usually that means pinterest time y'alllllllll! I decided to focus on packing. And since Tom FREAKS OUT if he thinks I'm over packing I looked up some packing magic.

If you guys have weekend trips coming up, I'm gonna tell you guys what I think should be packed in a weekend bag in tomorrows post!
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  1. Good luck packing! I royally suck at it, so I will def. be checking out the pinterest ideas!

  2. Ugh I am terrible at packing! I'll have to re-pin some of these ideas.

  3. I am the worst packer. Like notoriously bad. I could pack a large suitcase for a weekend trip and still not have what I need. My issue is not packing for different kinds of weather. I'm fully aware of it too but I still suck.

    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  4. My husband is a huge pain in the ass about the size of my suitcase as well. We made a deal that if I carry it, he can't comment on it. So far it works. Packing f-ing sucks. I need options an inevitably won't want to wear any of what I pack. I am notorious for going shopping while I am on a trip so I can have something different to wear.

  5. uhhh thanks for this post girl.. I will definitely be checking these pins out since you know I gotta start packing for my cruise next week :)

  6. I suck at packing. I always pack too much stuff. :P

  7. I rock at packing. I packed every thing for a 3 day trip to Vegas for a bachelorette party in my one small carry on fit under the seat bag, including the bride's gift!

  8. I suck at packing... I always take WAY more than I really need.