Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction

One more note to everyone reading- My amazing new bloggy friend Candiceposted yesterday about responding to comments and how email is the only way to make sure a person sees your response. SO if I haven't responded to your comments check the posts! I'll email from now on! Also- go visit her! She's got an awesome blog!

This is gonna be a short post because I’m really busy with work and school and my kids and the dog.. haa. Obviously kidding. I guess the dog does keep me busy. It’s short because I’ve written 2 other posts and didn’t like them and I’m over it. It’s just a way better excuse to have stuff going on in your life.

The other day I heard about an outrageous story (I mentioned it it yesterday's post) and today I heard about 2 more. So my lazy as shit Friday post is just sharing those!

Man Tries to Take Photo of Beaver; It Kills Him

Why Illinois is Roaring Mad About Lion Meat

I heard about this thru Katie

Ferrets Sold as Toy Poodles

And now, because it's Friday, I'm linking up with Whit for

And since JT has a new album out, and it's payday I thought this was appropriate.


  1. Ew I did not know that about the lion meat!! Gross!

  2. I heard about the ferret one ... and I'm sorry, but if my "poodle" looked like the pic on the right, I wouldn't be taking him home. He looks like a white version of Splinter from TMNT.

  3. I was peeing my pants about the ferret one when I saw it on the Today show. And I totally agree with ty...he does look like Splinter!

  4. Umm..First time on your blog and I am obsessed with the title!! How cute?!?! Not sure on lion meat, seams a little odd! I'm still laughing at the ferret/poodle..that's just wrong on all levels!...and I'm still laughing!
    Happy Friday

  5. Hey friend!!! Thanks for the shoutout<3 your posts kill me.. love your sense of humor girl. You always got me laughing.

    have a great weekend:)

    ps. JT still got some charm.. what a stud.

  6. I read the ferret one a couple of days ago and I'm not going to lie, it creeped me out a little bit!

  7. Saw number 1&3!

  8. The ferret one...I have no words!!! I'd be totally creeped. And JT, yes please!!! You live in New England? Awesome :)

    Newest follower

  9. Thank you so much for following my blog! I love yours! Those stories are crazy! & old school JT-AHmazing! :)

  10. okay.. haven't heard this song in FOREVERRR! You can never go wrong with Nsync! love it.